(Meet Mago Contributor) Rosemary Mattingley

Rosemary Mattingley

Rosemary has been on the editorial team of the Return to Mago E-Magazine since its inception. She returned to Australia 11 years ago after 24 years of study, work and travel abroad. She received a M.Ed. in Japan, worked at the international Girl Guide centre in India, taught at a primary school in north-west Pakistan, and was a Japanese-speaking tourist guide and co-facilitator for the Quaker Alternatives to Violence Project in South Africa. She now works as an editor, Japanese interpreter, peace and interfaith activist, bridge-builder, and intuitive massage therapist.

Rosemary is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of the Return to Mago E-Magazine and copy-editor for Mago Books.

Her blog is: nur810.wordpress.com

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