(Essay 2) Magoist Calendar: The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Art by Liz Darling

[Author’s Note: This is my latest research that has led me to restore the 13-month, 28-day Mago Calendar, which will be included at the end of its sequels. See Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A), published in 2017.]


Calendar is the harmonic numerological chart that indicates specifics of the terrestrial time/space relative to the extrasolar universe. As a cosmic almanac of our terrestrial home, calendar teaches the human world to do the right thing at the right timing, determined by the song/dance of the universe. We humans, part of the calendar, are the guardian of the calendar. Calendar is not and should not be an arbitrary arrangement invented to serve the purpose of a particular group of people, the Budoji says. It is something to be discovered or revealed. We humans are not only entitled to know the correct calendar, but we are also responsible for maintaining the correct calendar on behalf of the terrestrial community. Calendar is like a compass. A correct calendar will point to the Earth’s pole directions. An incorrect calendar is a broken compass, misguiding the user. Correct calendars guide people to be in alignment with nature’s biophilic power, whereas incorrect calendars mislead people away from it. A correct calendar offers a lens to the blissful reality of becoming. In contrast, an incorrect calendar brings tragedy to the human world and beyond. An incorrect calendar proves to sever the link between the female principle and nature’s cycle, ultimately committing magna-matricide (killing of the Great Goddess).

How can we tell a correct calendar? Its accuracy and truth are tested by harmonic numerology, the occult system of sonified numeric interplay that determines the physical reality of beings, a topic to be discussed in detail in a later section. A correct calendar is revelatory to the Nine-Mago Creatrix, awakening human intelligence to a life of self-gratification as opposed to self-deception.[i] The Magoist Calendar inscribed in Nine Numerology or Heavenly Numerology navigates the human world to the knowing of the Nine-Mago Creatrix, the blessing itself. The Budoji accounts for the correct calendar that is derived from Heavenly Numerology as follows:

Calendar is the basis of human attestation. All beings respectively have a numerology in them. Therefore, if the calendar is correct, Heavenly Principle and human affairs mutually support to attest to the truth, which engenders blessing. If the calendar is incorrect, it falsifies Heavenly Numerology and therefore causes disaster. That is because blessing rises where the principle is and because the principle exists where the correct attestation takes place. Therefore, the accuracy or the inaccuracy of calendar is the beginning of blessing or tragedy in the human world. How can one not take caution?[ii]

A correct calendar allows humans to live the life of attesting to the truth. One might ask, “What on earth is the truth?” Indeed, that question is rarely asked or, if it is asked, it is quickly sabotaged today. The truth is the secret of the Earth’s beginning story that all beings are given the blessing of life by the Cosmic Mother, according to the principle of nature. It is revelatory, to be encountered in hearing and participating in the cosmogonic story of the Nine-Mago Creatrix. Human rationality is built to lead to the truth. The correct calendar is epistemologically salvific, keeping the human mind ever alert and lucid. Embodying Heavenly Numerology, the correct calendar is hierophantic of the Cosmic Mother. Here Heavenly Numerology is a transliteration of Cheonsu (天數, Heavenly Numbers), which I use interchangeably with Nine Numerology. Numerology proves something to be accurate and true. And numerology is nature’s gift. Humans can be confused about it but cannot manipulate it for it is the Law of Nature. Through the correct calendar, human affairs are aligned with Heavenly Principle. Blessing is the consequence of the correct calendar. Here blessing means a state of wellbeing for individuals as well as the terrestrial eco-community. It is a public and collective happiness of all life forms on Earth.

Calendar and time pattern our mind at the most foundational level. They are the rudder of the human civilization that can bring peace and harmony to people. The necessity of the correct calendar is somewhat moderately but plainly explained below:

If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: Irregular, artificial and mechanized. But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so also will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony with nature.[iii]

The message from the Budoji is that a calendar that is out of touch with the cosmic rhythm can only result in the catastrophic consequence to all.



Thealogically speaking, calendar is the divine text given by the Creatrix. It is a roadmap for humans to live in harmony with the cosmogonic music of the universe. Note that the Magoist Cosmogony attributes the cosmic music or sonic vibrations of the universe to the medium of creativity. Calendar is a seal of blessing from the Great Goddess in the sense that the very existence of calendar results from the cosmogonic work of the Great Goddess. Marking the epochal transition in the history of the primordial Earth, calendar bears witness to the Earth’s pristine moment of metamorphoses from the infinite to the physical. It reenacts the cosmogonic drama of the Great Goddess HERE and NOW. Through calendar, humans enter the reality of WE/HERE/NOW and relive the creation story of the Great Goddess.

The Budoji accounts for the Earth’s time-crossing event in the Magoist Cosmogony and attributes it to the onset of calendar, as follows:

The cycle of the Later Heaven unfolded. Yul-ryeo (Rhythm and Tone, cosmic music) revived once again from which Hyangsang (Echo Representation) was formed. Sound and music intermingled. Mago pulled Sildal Great Stronghold [a celestial body] and dropped it into the region of Heavenly Water. Life force (Gi) of Sildal Great Stronghold ascended and covered Water Cloud (水雲 Suun). When the body of Sildal spread out evenly, there became land amidst water. Land and sea lay parallel. Mountains and rivers stretched widely. Thereupon, the region of Heavenly Water became land. They overlapped. Then, land and water rotated from above to below and revolved. Whence calendar and numerology began. As life force (Gi), fire, water, and earth were harmonized, light demarcated day and night as well as four seasons. Plants and animals were raised in abundance. There was so much work to be done on all regions of the Earth… Thereafter, there was no coldness in the sky, as life force (Gi) and fire were balanced. There was no rupture on earth, as water and earth were corresponded. That was because Eumsang (Music Representation) shines from above and because Hyangsang (Echo Representation) leveled out hearing [of the cosmic music] from below.[iv]

The scene is the beginning of the Earth’s self-evolution, which marks a new cosmic period, Latter Heaven.[v] By the beginning of Latter Heaven, the divine pantheon of the Nine Mago- Creatrix is already formed. So I often use “Mago” interchangeably with “the Nine-Mago Creatrix.” Mago has witnessed the cyclic movement of the cosmic music, the creative force of the universe, throughout the cosmic periods. In the Budoji, “the cosmic music” is interchangeably used with “the original music” or “Heavenly Music.” It collectively refers to Yul-ryeo (Rhythm and Tone), Pal-ryeo (Eight Tones), and O-eum-chil-jo (Five Tones and Seven Tunes). Mago has delegated HER Eight Daughters to regulate the cosmic music. S/HE saw that Yul-ryeo (Rhythm and Tone) resurged. And this time, the sound resonance (Echo Representation) was formed for the first time in primordial Earth (Mago Stronghold). Music (cosmic sonic waves) and sound (earthly acoustic resonances) interacted to create the Earth’s atmosphere. Correspondence between the acoustic phenomenon and the sonic movement signaled Mago to begin the act. Mago initiated the action for the Earth to self-create. S/HE pulled and dropped one of the two moons or a celestial body into the region of Heavenly Water on Earth.[vi] Or we can say that S/HE caused the Earth’s gravity to pull one of the two moons. Thereupon, the primordial Earth began the process of self-evolution.

The Earth entered a new phase. A celestial body (Sildal Stronghold) had fallen to the region of Heavenly Water and created an island amidst water. Land and water intermingled to form the border side by side. Volcanic activities followed and molded high mountain ranges. Chill and fire interacted. Snow and rain atop mountains flowed down and made rivers run between them. Newly created lands and seas sought counter-balance with each other. Lands submerged under the sea and pushed up water above. Mago’s initiation worked flawlessly. The Earth’s interactions were so powerful that they caused the Earth to dance/sing to her own rhythm. The Earth was able to spin on her own axis and revolve around the sun, adding to the dance/song of the solar system. Note that the Earth spun from top to bottom, indicating that the axis was located at the equator. At last, the movement of the Earth was able to be measured and calculated. Whence calendar together with numerology appeared for the first time on Earth. The onset of calendar, the first calendar, marked the Earth’s time/space crossing from the abstract to the concrete. This was the first calendar formed prior to the arrival of humans. Calendar was there to keep time/space for earthly mortals. The primordial elements of life force, fire, water, and earth interacted and were counter-equilibrated.

Calendar is not the hallmark of the human world. The human calendar is one unique kind. A thing in the physical world is predicated on a numerology, an organic interplay of numerical combinations. Hence, a calendar encoding Heavenly Numerology is innate in all things. A thing that has a form owes to Heavenly Numerology. Put differently, Heavenly Numerology encrypted in all beings evinces that all things are divine, all beings are sacred.

The stabilization of Earth enabled the onset of calendar. Heavenly Numerology, the rhythmic principle of the universe, successfully commenced on Earth. The infinite became tangible. Time, calculable on the Earth for the first time, was measured for the space-bound beings. Calendar charted the realm of earthlings. The Earth was ready to fertilize her inhabitants. As the sunlight demarcated day and night and four seasons, the song of Earth encouraged her residents to flourish and multiply. Flora and fauna were raised in abundance.

The interaction of the two sonic entities, the cosmic music and the terrestrial echo sound, caused the counter-balance of four elements to form and regulate the climate and the environment of the Earth. Life force and fire were counter-balanced to remove chill above in the atmosphere. Water and earth were counter-equilibrated to remove rupture below on the ground. The Budoji makes explicit how that was made possible, “because Hyangsang (Echo Representation) leveled out hearing [of the cosmic music] from below.” The sonic resonance eases the hearing of the cosmic music on the part of the terrestrial beings. The auditory capacity for the cosmic music is not limited to hominoids and their ancestors. All beings hear the cosmic music through their own acoustic resonance. Indeed, hearing the cosmic music is the indicator of the paradisiacal living of earthlings. The ability to hear the cosmic music determines the quality of life for the community of terrestrial members. To borrow the language of the mother-child relationship across species, the cosmic music works like the umbilical cord of the mother that is channeled to the child directly. When the cosmic music is, without hindrance, transmitted to the terrestrial realm, all beings are nourished to the fullest. All sonified know not rupture or deviation. The Mago Clan (Mago’s descendants) was just one of the recipient species. The paradisiacal time/space is characterized by the ability of its members to hear the cosmic music, as the Budoji states, “They had gold alloy in their ears and were able to hear Heavenly Music,”[vii] to be explicated shortly.

Relational patterns between the two sonic entities are discernible: Echo Representation (terrestrial sound resonance) is derivative or secondary to Music Representation (Music of the Spheres). They behave like a mother and her child in the womb. In Magoist Cosmogony, prime significance is given to cosmic music, as it is attributed to the primary medium of creativity. The time-proven nature of cosmic music awakens the mind to the time/space of cosmogonic beginning. In the beginning, as the Budoji states, all celestial bodies were brought into existence through the cosmic music of Pal-ryeo (Eight Tones).[viii] The Nine-Mago Creatrix takes charge of regulating the cosmic music, whereas their human descendants are assigned to manage the terrestrial echo representation. However, the two, organically co-related, operate in continuum. The terrestrial sonic resonance needs to be adjusted in harmony with the cosmic music for the benefit of earthly beings. The former, issued from the latter, now ushers the latter to the terrestrial environment. And the latter directs the self-creation process of terrestrial beings, scripted in their numerological interplays, to be discussed in the next section.

To be continued. Read Essay 1 here.

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This is an astonishing, complex essay and there are so many points that I would like to respond to that I am a bit overwhelmed.

“The truth is the secret of the Earth’s beginning story that all beings are given the blessing of life by the Cosmic Mother, according to the principle of nature.”

Your words speaks volumes, Helen. I chose the above quote to respond to because especially during dark times it is helpful to be reminded that Life is a gift.

I also love the way this essay ties one thread to another. Beautiful.