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  • (Meet Mago Contributor) Lizzy Bluebell
    Lizzy Bluebell is a Scots-born, independent writer, researcher, artist, photographer, and Specialist in Neologisms for 13 years. Lizzy works for The Cosmic Mother, supporting the Works of Mago. Her professional background is Canadian T.V. Journalism, Production, and Marketing. Now happily retired in the peaceful beauty of the Ozarks, she raises flowers, vegetables, and stray cats, along with her husband and partner of 20 years. Lizzy is a tireless advocate and activist blogger on Facebook Pages and Groups on […]
  • (Call for Contributions) Story Your Goddess Feminist “Me Too” Insights for the coming year!
    Dear RTM recurring and prospective contributors, We seek your storytelling of “Me Too” broadly understood. The catchphrase “Me Too” can apply to the very collaborative effort of speaking up against not just physical sexual assaults but also other patriarchal oppressive practices. It can be in the form of poetry, art, prose, research and other creative medium. The second half of 2017 has witnessed how our “Me Too” stories crumble down the muppets of modern patriarchal capitalist […]
  • (Poem) Untitled by Maya Daniel
    I heard that there are air bombings In the north and south by state forces People are killed, They are defending their lands And they are being punished, Or just killed as collateral damage In “flattening the hills”… It is true. I heard that mountain people Is rising– there is a call to arms Their bellies are empty And foul breathes are there They are forging stronger resistance Against plunderers and state agents To save their children’s lives It is true. I read that poetry stops time It is not true, it is […]
  • (Song) The Tree of Life by Genevieve Vaughan
    Life form patenting is a little know issue in the US though there is a growing movement against it abroad. Corporations in the Global North can now patent species and their variations which originate in the Global South and have been nurtured for centuries by the Southern populations. Privatizing and commodifying species takes them away from the public good to create profit for a few. This new form of colonization is supported by international laws presently being forged under pressure by the US.   This is […]
  • (Book Excerpt) Re-visioning Medusa edited by Glenys Livingstone and Trista Hendren
    Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom a Girl God Anthology Edited by Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D., Trista Hendren and Pat Daly   Preface by Joan Marler Cover Art by Arna Baartz Preface Joan Marler The remarkable anthology you are holding in your hands contains the personal stories, scholarly research, revelations, and original artwork by women from Australia, North America, Europe, Israel and Turkey. These offerings reflect the indelible presence of the Gorgon Medusa who has stimulated each […]
  • (Art) Gaia #10: Perpetuity – S/He Who Orchestrates the Weather by Deborah Jane Milton
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  • Angrboda(Prose) Angrboða, Her Children, and Our Shadow Selves by Deanne Quarrie
    In the land of the Northern Europeans, the very first beings were the giants and giantesses. I call them the Jötunn folk for they come from the realm of Jötunheimr. One story that I find particularly fascinating is that of Angrboða and her three children. She is known as the Hag of Iron Wood, one of the witches of Iron Wood who are a group of giantesses that gave birth to fierce wolves. Angrboða took Loki as her consort, and as a product of that union, gave birth to Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hela. Angrboða was […]
  • (Meet Mago Contributor) Lisa M. Christie
    Lisa M. Christie is an adjunct lecturer and administrator in the Women’s Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, specializing in spiritual ecofeminism, the study of psychic and spiritual experiences, and Goddess thealogy. She received her doctorate in philosophy and religion, with a concentration in Women’s Spirituality at the same institution. Known for her investigative research into women’s psycho-spiritual experiences and what they might tell us about the nature […]
  • (Poem) Autumn Leaves by Andrea Nicki
    This tree has completely lost its pride and joy, now lying across the wet ground, an intricate, golden mat for others to step on. Things that you do that are undignified but unavoidable. Bills need to be paid. There is no hearth to return to, no heirlooms to sell. You had hoped for something better than this, but, in truth, not in childhood, too depressed to think beyond the next year. The glistening leaves remind me of leaf collages I made as a girl, and of how I liked to iron and preserve leaves between wax […]