(Special Post 3) Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality? A Collective Writing

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[Editor’s Note: This was first proposed in The Mago Circle, Facebook Group, on March 6, 2014. We have our voices together below and publish them in sequels. It is an ongoing project and we encourage our reader to join us! Submit yours today to Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). Or visit and contact someone in Return to Mago’s Partner Organizations.]  

Helen Hwang I study and advocate Goddess feminism or Magoism because it is a way of living for me. I find myself in Mago (the Great Goddess) who in turn leads me to the Way wherein I learn how to become the person who I can be. It has to be Mago, the Female Divine, because She is real! She is the Primordial Mother who is the Beginning and the End of everything to us on the planet Earth. She teaches me the real. I can’t negotiate Her to anything less.

Helen Hye Sook Hwang, Ph.D.



Bridget Robertson A Goddessian

I was introduced to a form of meditative journeying by a resident in my grandmother’s retirement community. She approached to me. I know she was at least part Native American, and that alone made her the topic of much gossip in the building. Her Rose colored lipstick, deep brown eyes, wrinkles that only helped illuminate her face and a chiffon scarf that matched none of her clothes. I thought she needed help with her groceries. She didn’t. She had me stop the elevator. and directly asked about my looking tired. My response was about being, busy balancing all the areas of my life. In fact I was exhausted doling out time like pieces of pie.

Too bad ROFL wasn’t used in 1978.

When she finally stopped laughing, I got a clarity of experience that has never left me. As she placed her hand a few inches below my belly button (my uterus), this is what I understood Give up balancing…instead, Center – the point from which any and all activity or process is directed. She didn’t use those words, but, that is what she meant.

I spent the following summer in San Francisco. Finding feminists was much easier there than in Milwaukee. I continued to do my mediations regularly and met with my new friends daily at a cafe. Some of them started talking about women’s spirituality. Even a Woman God. Nothing like the God we had known. He had a book, rules, and judgments.

This Woman God that had come up in my meditations. I had always been involved with spiritual practices and communities. Yet, they always seemed to fall short. The confirmation that God was a woman excited me. So, I went to research every library I could. And continue the thread of the Woman God. This became my summary…

She had birthed the entire universe into being through the orgasmic rhythms of Her Womb. There was no “making” here. It was an organic process filled with every experience and emotion along the spectrum of life, expanding into the the whole of Her. The original cauldron, cup, chalice is Her Womb. And I was birthed as one of Hers. Just because I exist. There is no entry fee, no book, no sacrifices, and no heroes journey required to be made worthy to know and walk with Her.

I needed nothing but myself. All of myself. My warrioress was as welcome as my lover self was. I unfold to reveal more of myself and Her everyday. As I blossom some old petals wither. Yet, being a Goddessian allows for many deaths, lives, stasis, and differences. The list is endless. She is ever present and always changing. She is alive. And cannot be contained.

Bridget Robertson

Richardson, Texas

Yvonne M. Lucia
Yvonne M. Lucia

Esther Ellen Wildblood

The Mother’s Voice

The Mother is awake and She will not be silenced.
Her voice is all around and it will not be silenced.
We are her children and we will not be silenced.
Sisters and brothers,
Where ever we live,
Whomever we love,
We will not be silenced.
We are Her voices and we will not be silenced.

Debbie Willis I have been Goddess oriented for over for over thirty years now. One of the reasons I first became Goddess oriented was because I wanted a deity with whom I, as a female, could identify.

Feminism was an unborn seed within me. It began to grow when, as an adult female, decided to attend college. It was really there that I allowed my feminism out.

So what does this have to do with the Goddess?

I first learned about the Goddess from a work colleague. She invited me to circle with her and her friends. I found that I am a spiritual person who doesn’t really worship a deity. Yes, I believe in a One Power that may manifest as many, in order for a person to identify with it. Personally, I identify most with the feminine aspect of the One Power. I call the feminine aspect the Goddess.

I noticed that the women in the groups I attended seemed to bash males and the males who attended the groups were unappreciated by the women. The women said they wanted male energy and were not accepting of male energy unless it met their conditions. I suppose that is where feminism comes in for me.

As I explained earlier, I want equality for all beings, including women. I do not pretend to be better than anyone (or anything).

I was eager to learn (as is my nature), so I read most of the books on feminism and on the Goddess that I could. I studied and noticed that Feminism and the Goddess was already me. I had read the myths of the Goddess and I had found the Goddess within my self.

I find that I am a strong female. Even in my old age. As I reflect, I notice that I sought and learned from the most influential people in Goddess Spirituality. It turns out they are, on the most part, feminists. I, also, notice the Goddess with out and the Goddess within. The Goddess is everywhere. Or should I say, for me, Deity is everywhere.

For me, feminism and Goddess Spirituality is about compassion. At the moment, I am incorporating compassion within my self. I tell my self, “Rather that being right, be kind.” I admit that it should be easy and it is not easy for me. It seems I have a Buddhist and a Zen bend, too. Is it true? Do I hold all?

Debbie Willis

Newark, California

(To be continued in Part 4, read Part 2.)

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