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Mago Pod rdcdFrom Sara Wright, RTM Contributor (Maine, USA)

(Jan. 17, 2016)

As is often the case on weekends I create time to read the exceptional essays that I find on this site. I am a life – long learner, a feminist, a naturalist, a Jungian Pattern Analyst, a writer and I have been celebrating Earth based ritual for thirty years.

My hunger to learn about and HEAR about the Goddess in her many forms is satisfied by the reading I do at RTM.

Today I discovered an essay that I missed by Lila Moore “Networked Rites of Compassion….” first posted on July 2015 – which I obviously missed. I was flabbergasted to learn of the Holy Snakes of Mary at Markopoulo. I had never heard this story and I have been enamored of the Snake Goddess for many many years. In honor of all snakes I also leave water for those that live here during the summer, and in the afternoon my dogs and I often watch a snake or two sipping water at their ‘well.’

My relationship with the Goddess extends to her counterparts in Nature and somehow this enriches and broadens my insights and learning.

I just want to say thank you for the stupendous amount of scholarship and work that goes into this wonderful ongoing creation.

Thank you Helen.

Thank you Mago Admin.

(March 19, 2016)

Dear Helen,

Thank you so very much for your kind words Helen. I am very grateful. I think I have included everything properly. If not please let me know.
I do write a lot more during the winter than in the summer but your magazine INSPIRES me to write!!!!
There are so many wonderful essays, poems, art,- I am always learning and taking such pleasure in the process. If I am sending too much material please let me know.
I have to tell you again how important I think RTM is for women. I truly believe that many many women are starving because they have no divine FEMALE image to relate to. The goddess is disappearing and we need to bring her back, just as we need to move feminism forward. Your magazine/projects do both.
Bless you all,


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