Meet Mago Contributor, Wennifer (Wei-Ni) Lin, Ph.D.


Wennifer (Wei-Ni) Lin (Ph.D. in Culture and Performance, UCLA; M.A. Dance/Dance Movement Therapy, UCLA), is a folklore and mythology scholar who trained under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Owen Jones, renowned foodways and material culture folklorist. Dr. Lin specializes in women’s narratives, female sexuality and birthing rites. She has published on folk and alternative medicine and conducted fieldwork in Hawai‘i as well as in Los Angeles, where she was part of a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine study on Latino health systems with Dr. Owen Jones. She is currently researching the cultural connections between her Taiwanese ancestry with other Pacific Island cultures.

Dr. Lin remains grateful to have explored her passions in natural birth and spiritual/shamanic midwifery via an interdisciplinary, heart-centered, and womb-based approach on the Island of Hawai’i.  Of native Taiwanese ancestry, Wennifer loves that she comes from a goddess-loving island devoted to Mazu, mother deity of the sea.  Currently, she is committed to nurturing her three much-loved children, running a living-foods/eco-water store with her dear husband, and actualizing The Mother Earth Sanctuary ~ an envisioned global webwork of eco-villages for the conscious birthing of babies and the matristic/matriarchal rebirthing of our planet.

Published posts from the recent: 

‘Logbook of a Mother Who Strives for the Mother Earth Sanctuary’ by Wennifer A. Lin

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