(She Rises 1) Knowing the Great Goddess: Act of Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Forthcoming June Solstice, 2015

[Author’s Note: This is part of my introduction to She Rises, Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?” forthcoming June Solstice, 2015]

Without doubt, undertaking the project of this anthology is a way of advocating a feminist/activist/spiritual Goddessism/Magoism. Knowing the Great Goddess itself is an act of Goddess feminism/activism/spirituality. “To know” is an active verb. To know the Goddess is an act that hurls one to an uncharted territory in the patriarchal foreground. Precisely, in that bewildered place we find the door to the Way of the Goddess. We are collectively waking up to the deep memory that ancients paved a way for us to remember.

She Rises invites everyone including agnostics and atheists. More to the point, it defies the very notion of an “agnostic” or “atheist”—and “believer” or “non-believer”— concepts derived from the dualistic thinking of the monotheistic patriarchal religions. We do not have to believe in the Goddess. Or one may “believe” in the Goddess no more than one “believes” in one’s ancestor. Thealogy (studies of the Female Divine/Goddess) does not work in the same way as the theology of the monotheistic male divine does. It is a whole new way of thinking, not believing. As direct offspring of the Great Goddess/Mago, we humans are endowed with Her divine nature. Thealogy takes us to see the new horizon in which the divide between the divine and humans is no longer substantive. Likewise, the divide between the sacred and the secular is eroded in the consciousness of the Great Goddess. Knowing the Great Goddess/Mago redefines oneself, humanity, the Earth community, and the universe. We are given the primordial lens of the Great Goddess.


We get to know the Great Goddess through thinking. Our knowing is not static, however, but ever unfolding and evolving. Our thinking is not a mere cerebral activity. It is the rudder of our action. A deep thinking leads to gynocentric knowing, the knowing of the Great Goddess. We understand the self and the world through the lens of the Great Goddess, the consciousness of WE in S/HE. Because gynocentric knowing has been made esoteric or anomalous, if surfaced in the consciousness, in patriarchal times, we require some techniques in our thinking especially in the beginning to tap into gynocentric thinking. We are led to the vacancy of the patriarchal mind before realizing that we are in the sacred ground of the Great Goddess. She Rises marks a collective realization that we are HERE!


Meanwhile, we require both deconstruction and reconstruction in the mode of our thinking. The first and last thing that we become aware of is that knowing the Great Goddess does not take place within the framework of monotheistic male theology. By definition, patriarchy is founded on the dualistic thinking of the male and the female. Patriarchal religions, based on the dualistic mode of thinking, see things in separation from and against one another, e.g., men vs. women, God vs. humans, the world vs. nature, the mind vs. the body, theism vs. atheism. In order to enthrone the male, patriarchal mind-molders employ the ruse of dualism, which is an epistemological/anthropological/ecological disaster that has brought havoc not only to humanity but also to the earthly community as a whole. The patriarchal mode of thinking disqualifies for the consciousness of WE. Perpetuating the cycle of hierarchy and domination, it takes everything within its reach into the cacophonic degeneration that hinders the working of the Creatrix.


An effort “to know who I am” is the prerequisite of knowing the Goddess. The quest for finding/knowing oneself is indeed a dangerous thing in that patriarchal mind-molders do not have control of it and indeed fear it. Self-trust is in disproportion with one’s endorsement of dualistic thinking. That was my experience. As I became aware of the working in my mind of the dualistic thinking spawned by patriarchal cultures/religions of both the West and the East and made a conscious decision not to go with it, I came to affirm myself. Till then, I underestimated the power of thinking. Our self-knowledge saves us. I used to hear that thinking, or knowing, is the opposite of one’s action or at least not the same as action. That accounts for the fact that patriarchal mind-molders do not teach people how to think deeply. Instead, they impose on people to believe in the dogmas and creeds that they created for themselves.


Any authority that does not allow people to think for themselves is an aggressor. Goddessians/Magoists re-claim the power of thinking/knowing/naming. Thinking marks the very core of our action. Thinking acts. A thought shocks, touches, or bores our body/mind/heart. Thinking causes a consequence in the material world. Our heart pounds with a thought. That is how journalism works in modern times. Journalists ceaselessly seek for “shocking” news and invent headlines to maximize the impact on people. However, news media companies do not teach people how to think positively or correctly. They use the power of thinking. Correct thinking is derived from gynocentric knowing. Goddessians/Magoists tune our thinking to the gynocentric unconsciousness. We are fully alive with the consciousness of the Great Goddess. Our thinking invokes another thinking; it is organic and contagious. The working of our collective thinking is unfathomable. She Rises embodies our collective thinking.


It is true that, if one does not change the mode of one’s thinking, while blindly accepting what patriarchal religions or moralities impose, one’s thinking fails to lead one to the knowing of the Goddess. Such thinking remains stunted. Stunted thinking, endorsing patriarchal norms, misleads and confuses people. It changes nothing. Without reaching/touching the core of one’s being, it only mimics the power of creative thinking. We need to watch our thinking. The conscious transition from the dominant/dominated mode of thinking (A or/against B) to empowering/encompassing mode of thinking (A and/in-continuum-of B) needs to be made. We can detect the dualistic mode of thinking that works in our mind on a daily basis. At that very split second that we sabotage the patriarchal/dualistic mode of thinking that works in us and around us, the seed of knowing the Goddess (the primordial consciousness) takes root and prepares for a new bud. Such experience is morphogenetic. In that regard, She Rises is a guide book to the primordial consciousness. Our contributors proffer their stories and inform us how they arrived at the gynocentric mode of thinking. Myriad ways of knowing the Goddess are mapped out for our readers.

To be continued.

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