(Poem) Birth of Aphrodite #1 by Donna Snyder

she stands emptied her pallor bare to the world
speckled and blemished and seemingly open
the other half gone to the bottom of the sea
its energy subsumed within her opalescent belly

the soft flesh the muscular foot the valve opening only to close

the world has left its grime on her fleshiness
hematomas well up beneath her pellucid skin greens and blues and then magentas swell
all the colors of sea foam wreathe her breasts

somewhere long away from time’s wrath like Aphrodite absconded from the world she flees the bite of sun and harm of wind

she averts her gaze and leaves nothing behind
just a single shell to mark her own virgin birth
modest she looks quietly at what creation offers and arranges its abundant gifts about her beauty

soft flesh a muscular foot a valve opening only to close

Aphrodite, Sandro Boteccili
Aphrodite, Sandro Boteccili

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