(Poem) Autumn Leaves by Andrea Nicki

(Art & Poem) Autumn Equinox by Sudie Rakusin and Aphrodite Rose

(Prose) Empowering the Feminine to Create Unity Consciousness and Evolve as a species by Amina Rodriguez

(Prose) Dog Days, Holly, Spears and Swords by Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.

(Poem & Art) Caterpillar by Andrea Nicki and Liz Darling

(Art) Gaia#72: Benediction – We Who Are All Bless-ed by Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D.

(Prose) Linden Trees: Taste the Sweetness of Summer by Deanne Quarrie

(Video) The Dreaming Tree of Life Sisterhood Daily Meditation by Shekhina Weaver