(Call for Contributions) Story Your Goddess Feminist “Me Too” Insights for the coming year!

Dear RTM recurring and prospective contributors,

We seek your storytelling of “Me Too” broadly understood. The catchphrase “Me Too” can apply to the very collaborative effort of speaking up against not just physical sexual assaults but also other patriarchal oppressive practices. It can be in the form of poetry, art, prose, research and other creative medium.

The second half of 2017 has witnessed how our “Me Too” stories crumble down the muppets of modern patriarchal capitalist engines literally everywhere. It is still growing to a wild fire that knows no boundaries across social sectors, cultures and nationalities. And we are learning that it is never be a better time to tell our stories than NOW. And WE will do it HERE. Let us remove the remnant of the patriarchal residue within ourselves by telling our stories that transform us all from the victimhood to the agency for social change. RTM is here to interweave your threads for the coming year!

Return to Mago E-Magazine is created to serve as a venue (1) that visualizes the community of writers, researchers, advocates, poets, artists, and activists who are committed to Goddess-centered/Magoist feminist social change, to be discovered, and (2) that shares, networks, and celebrates of our ontological togetherness across species. And our readers from around the world get to participate in the unfolding of our gift-sharing practices. After all, we are restoring the paradigm/consciousness of WE in S/HE.

We seek your essays, prose, poetry, art, and creative works! Your contributions will work a double-edged sword. It creates a new space for all in WE, while undermining the patriarchal ground. With your contributions, RTM CAN bring change to this world! We also seeks editors on the executive level (see below).

We seek out contributions that can visualize our connections, struggles, and visions. We welcome the following perennially:

Introduction of Goddess from around the world (the great goddess in priority) and her history, myth, material cultures;

Feminist issues;

Structural/institutional issues (racism, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, and nationalism, etc) that hinder the goddess consciousness and activities;

Spirituality, religion, history of a particular people that revere the female divine;

Cosmology, ecology, and nature in relation to the female divine;

Song/dance of life-searching and life-loving work, project, and expression;

We also seek seasonal themes such as equinoxes and solstices, feast and holiday messages. By contributing to Return to Mago, you are participating in WE, the Current of Connecting with All Beyond Differences, the Way the Universe Is as our ancestors did. Please send an email for submission inquiry or more information to Dr Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (magoism@gmail.com, Founding Director and Co-editor).

Don’t be shy, we’ve posted most submissions we’ve received.  We’d genuinely like to hear from you, and we respond personally to submissions. Here’s a guide to what we’re broadly looking for: http://magoism.net/people/call-for-contribution/

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I love this idea and agree wholeheartedly. Let us continue to commit to break the silence!