(Poem) Untitled by Maya Daniel

Maya Daniel, Poet

I heard that there are air bombings
In the north and south by state forces
People are killed,
They are defending their lands
And they are being punished,
Or just killed as collateral damage
In “flattening the hills”…
It is true.

I heard that mountain people
Is rising– there is a call to arms
Their bellies are empty
And foul breathes are there
They are forging stronger resistance
Against plunderers and state agents
To save their children’s lives
It is true.

I read that poetry stops time
It is not true, it is madness
to freeze another thousand lines
denouncing unjust violence
I have to cry out loud
More verses uncut
Long live the people’s struggle
To be truly free!

(Meet Mago Contributor) Maya Daniel.

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