(Poem) Lavender by Andrea Nicki

Wikimedia Commons

You have come to understand that if women are like flowers
you are most like lavender: wild, earthly, resilient, abundant
open to everyone, easily enjoyed
Though not the first choice of aspiring lovers
favoured by bees and farmers, a helpful hand in Creation
A versatile plant, perks up foods like salads, root vegetables
vanilla ice cream and drinks like earl grey tea and lemonade
Popular as an oil, soap, shampoo, and body lotion
Some people earn a living off lavender farms
making and selling various products
Lavender sachets: guardians of clothing which repel moths
“A lavender woman:” a woman who loves herself and other women
Three prepubescent boys developed breasts
after using a lot of lavender products–an effect of Lady Lavender?
Some people think it strange that I planted
a lot of  lavender in my garden when there is so much else to grow
At least, they said, give your lavender a trim
A First Nations neighbour understood my passion
and thanked me for attracting the bees
helping her garden yield fruits and vegetables
Blueberry lavender pancakes–her daughter’s favourite dish

(Meet Mago Contributor) Andrea Nicki.

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Mary Beth Moser

There are Lavender Farms where I live. . thank you for this beautiful tribute!


Thanks. How lucky!