(Meet Mago Contributor) Diane Goldie

Diane Goldie picc.Art  is the creative baby of Diane Goldie: artist, obsessive maker, feminist, puppeteer and poet.

Born in Nottinghamshire in the early 60s, before emigrating to South Africa in 1975, where she received her art training and love of vibrant colours and tribal aesthetic, Diane has turned her hand to most crafts and arts over her 50 years on the planet, delighting in the quirky and oddball: crocheting strange anthropomorphic creatures and performance artists as well as sewing fetuses from cotton jersey.

Diane spent her early years as a scenic artist, copying Old Masters as part of her daily job before returning to the UK and then spent the next 25 years delighting London’s children as a puppeteer.  Then Diane met the inspirational Sue Kreitzman and her world changed. Now wearable art has taken front stage and Diane has closed those red velvet puppet show curtains for the last time .

Through the medium of painting, embroidering and appliqueing onto vibrant African prints, Diane aims to take art from the gallery walls and bring it to the street in the form of wearable art and personal creative expression of style, which is perfectly embodied in the form of the wonderful Sue Kreitzman, who has become c.Art’s most valued client and inspirational friend. Being able to interpret sensitively the work of other artists and turn it into clothing for them to wear, is a great  privilege and joy. Seeing people’s dreams of clothing become reality and witnessing their faces on seeing their ideas made into  unique garments, is something that will continue to fuel Diane’s creative pursuits under the brand c.Art.

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[…] A woman who loves herself is a dangerous woman.  and Sisterhood is Subversive.  I then embroidered these two political statements around the image of the Medusa Frida. I then created a theatrical Empress style kimono with full length sleeves so that when I wore it I would be reminded of my status as a human being and not to be submissive. Whenever I wear it, I hope to make women behind me wonder what I mean by the statements on my back. I invite debate and discussion. For me it is my personal political quest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlUjHu3H_L4 ( Eartha Kitt on Compromise… Read more »