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Ingrid AndrewI am Ingrid Andrew: a poet, artist and singer songwriter living in South East London.

I have written poems since I was a very young girl and last year my first little book of poems and    songs was published and is called ‘The Bird of Morning.’

Drawing and painting have also been profound loves since I was a child and  in the last ten years,

I have experienced the joy of writing songs, accompanied on guitar or ukulele, often with friends.

My band is a movable feast and is called Hearts Song.  We have played and performed at open mics

and booked events all over London, and at the diverse nights of music and poetry that I have hosted called ‘Voices of Experience’, and now ‘Ingrid and Jason’s Saloon’.

You can listen to a Hearts Song song, ‘The Charcoal Woman’ accompanied by Lawrence Renee on mouth organ and see some of the accompanying digital images on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3xzXM6pclI

Over the last few years I held three one woman exhibitions and exhibited in several group shows in South London. One exhibition  of paintings, drawings and digital prints was called ‘When Woman created the World’ and includes playful images of ‘Woman’ that tells us ‘what really happened’ when the world

was first made …

       ‘When woman created the world  she expelled the universe from her womb; unwound the galaxies from her navel;

        her belt was a line of stars; the jewel at her throat was Mars,

        she unrolled the fiery sun from her right heel ….  when Woman created the world.’


Ingrid Andrew art

This is also a lyrical and mischievous performance piece, studded with songs and images which was put on, to an enthusiastic audience response, in London in 2012, with the involvement of some gifted musician and actor friends.  ‘When Woman created the World’ continues to evolve and I have recently met a very promising poet and collaborator who is enriching the piece with her own dark and sinuous voice.

I have also written a comic-tragic verse drama, including songs, called ‘When I am Gone’, (described as an epic pantomime) which is about the life of the Buddha and our human search for understanding and meaning and am actively looking for opportunities to stage this play.


See (Art Poem) Ing’s Ride by Ingrid Andrew.

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This is so beautiful…”When woman created the world” Thank you for sharing.