(Art) 'Nu Gua' by Lydia Ruyle

‘Nu Gua’ by Lydia Ruyle

Nu Gua creates the world as a serpent Goddess. The tree of life grows from her and seven suns. Two of her animal spirits are the crow for death in the sun and the toad for rebirth in the moon. She created humans from clay which she baked in the oven. Some were overdone accounting for the black race and some were underdone accounting for the white race. Nu Gua invented the mouth organ and the flute. On the bottom is the Tao symbol of Yin Feminine and Yang Masculine.The Pa Kua Eight Diagrams, also known as the I Ching, is a Chinese system for accessing the intuitive energies of chi.

Source: Funerary silk painting, Han dynasty tomb of Lady Dai, 2nd century, Mawangdui. Changdu