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Lydia Ruyle is an artist, author, scholar emerita of the Visual Arts faculty of the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado where The Lydia Ruyle Room for Women’s Art was dedicated in 2010. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a Master of Arts from UNC and has studied with Syracuse University in Italy, France, Spain, and with the Art Institute of Chicago in Indonesia.

She works regularly at Santa Reparata International School of Art in
Florence, Italy and Columbia College Center for Book and Paper in
Chicago. Her research into sacred images of women has taken her around the globe. For twenty years, Ruyle has led women’s pilgrimage journeys to sacred places. Ruyle creates and exhibits her art and does workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. Since 1995, her Goddess Icon Spirit Banners, which made their debut at the Celsus Library at Ephesus, Turkey, have flown in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Cambodia and the U.S. spreading their divine feminine energies.

A book about her work, Goddess Icons Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine, was published in 2002. Turkey Goddess Icon Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine was published in Istanbul in 2005. Ruyle welcomes inquiries and dialogue at:

2101 24th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Phone: 970-352-1643

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Grandma Sally Berkley
Grandma Sally Berkley

Impressive bio of a woman raising female awareness, TY for your hard work helping other woman move forward with proud, Lydia Ruyle!