(Poem) The Arisen Christ: A parable by Janie Rezner

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a handsome prince, known far and wide for his beauty of spirit. One day, while riding in Read More …

(Prose) Letter to Cypress: We have Forgotten our Roots by Janie Rezner

[Author’s Note: Cypress was an older divorced woman, about my age, in her late  60’s, living in Bolinas, California, a  wonderful village, filled with  creative/hippy like  folks.  The way into Bolinas was to Read More …

(Poem) Open Hearts by Janie Rezner

  music pours from  open  hearts,  beauty surrounds our open wounds bathing us all in the warmest of waters in a balm of love, bathing us that we might become Read More …

(Audio 1) Interview with Genevieve Vaughan by Janie Rezner

Janie Rezner and Genevieve Vaughan talking about restoring “mothering” to its rightful place in the constitution of the human. http://www.radio4all.net/files/jrezner@mcn.org/4206-1-Interview_with_Gen_Vaughan_edited_-tHIS_IS_IT.mp3 Source: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/44033 “Genevieve Vaughan has been working on the theory of a Read More …

(Poem) In the beginning by Janie Rezner

  In the beginning was the LIGHT the light shone forth in all directions creatures great and small, basking in the light resting upon the earth like babes nestled against Read More …

(Video) Awaken to the Mother by Janie Rezner

At the Raw Food Expo Read Meet Mago Contributor Janie Rezner.

(Video) Commemorating the Bombing of Hiroshima by Janie Rezner

Speaking at Rally to Commemorate the Bombing of Hiroshima, Aug 4, 2001 in Fort Bragg

(Art) The Voice of the Grandmother by Janie Rezner

(Art) Tree Goddesses by Janie Rezner

Sculpture by Janie Rezner Read Meet Mago Contributor Janie Rezner.

(Essay) The Religious Life of Children by Janie Rezner

I remember as a child going out into the pasture one warm summer evening after dinner, and climbing up on a gate, gazing into the pink and gold streaked western Read More …

(Video) A Journey to the Heart of Things by Janie Rezner

Performance at Matriarchal Studies Conference, May 2012 Read Meet Mago Contributor Janie Rezner.

(Video) The Maternal Nurturing Model with Genevieve Vaughan interviewed by Janie Rezner

Genevieve Vaughan with programmer Janie Rezner on Women’s Voices, KZYX radio:   Read Meet Mago Contributor Genevieve Vaughan and Meet Mago Contributor Janie Rezner.

(Art) Renaissance Woman by Janie Rezner

  Painting: The Renaissance Woman  – The figure, 6 ft tall and wide “With her feet planted firmly on the ground, her breasts and womb for all to see, her Read More …