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August 28, 2017

Dear Readers and Contributors,

Return to Mago E-Magzine has moved to a server and is now up running again. If you still don’t see the new website, please refresh your browser’s cache.
http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache (This might be helpful.)
As you will see, she has been radically remodeled and will continue to accommodate new applications in the coming weeks.

Please check out up-to-date new features:

1. A new widget/application on the sidebar will randomize to show previous posts. This means that readers have access to old posts that would have been otherwise fossilized. Nonetheless, the new website does not allow old post to be commented. For this, I have created a comment form, “I like what you said because…” and made it available on the sidebar. Please feel free to check out older posts and encourage our contributors by leaving your comments in the form and submitting it. Your comments will be posted under “Reader’s Notes” available through the sidebar widget. You will see all of these devices on the sidebar and can’t miss them.

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2. Anyone who is interested in submitting her/his contribution, please feel free to use the submission for included in Call for Contributions.

RTM August Newsletter is still coming. Talk to you soon again!

Executive Editor/Co-founder
Helen Hwang

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