(Poem) Invocation to the Great Mother by April Aronoff

Inspired from within,

I remember ancient wisdom.


The Great Goddess_Roses_2_April Aronoff
Photo credit: ©April Aronoff

I am everything and nothing.

I am the holder of space,

its lushness

and emptiness,

flowing in and out like

dye mixed with water,

becoming singular and many,

as dark mixes with light.


I am the blesser of the body,

its birth, death, and passage

the symbol of the

ultimate wheel,

its shape a reminder

of She Who Is All.


I am the garden from within,

each cycle of seed, growth and compost

sublime food for the body,

each memory of maiden, mother and crone

divine food for the soul.


The Great Goddess_Roses_April Aronoff
Photo credit: ©April Aronoff

I am the creator of the vessel,

the endless circle,

the womb that we call

She, You and I,

its emptiness

potent and pulsing,

the well waiting

to be filled.


I am the one

who makes you


and empty,

and whole again,

through girlhood

and children

and the wise old grandmother,

the eternal knowledge

of life and mystery,

locked in each second,

of every memory,

of All That Is You .


I am the empty honeycomb

once used to fullness,

its silence and quiet

beckoning the full

and fertile again,

the remembrance of women and ancestry

locked into every hexagonal shape,

each side touching another,

each shape morphing the image,

mixing the one with the everything

the everything with the nothing

the fullness that I Am

the She that is You.

Author’s Note: In reading about the Goddess Mago, I realized that She is the Great Mother I wrote this poem for two years ago.  I dedicate it to Her.  May we find magic in the cauldron that is Her greatest source of wisdom and alchemy.

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