(Prose) Stardust Calling by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

I call in my Soul Essence, Great Mother Within, I call in what I need for health and vitality, confidence and courage, abundance, joy and may I always be love manifest unto all beings and may all beings be free and have peace, love, joy and abundance.

The particles before my eyes are charged with light and I can see that I can manipulate them, please I ask my cells, never forget that. Remember to always observe the lit particles in front of your eyes knowing that you are that. She tells me, the stardust in your cells are crying out to you in need longing for your touch, for your love, and your self-compassion.

I have long longed to honor your call Great Mother, Green Heart of heaven within, but only now beneath my rooted feet and under the green grass, the primal rhythms vibrate far under the dark rich earth. Our ancient ancestors call out to us through the earth and through all those ancient ruins.

Divine Mother creator of humanity, we are the children of the earth, as we look upon you with such care you look upon us as innocent children, Soul Essence will guide us, flow with the Great Mother Within, let Her energy flow through you like the blood flows through your veins.

Awaken the tribal spirit within you however in which ever way you can, it is that Spirit that will guide you, the One that lives there among the trees and within your heart’s desires.

Surrender to Her Spirit and from your insides will flow creations beyond your current known experience. Do you hear her drumming heart?

The rumblings of her ancient sounds are the echoes of our ancestors beating hearts, the music of Pachamama, may our breath with hers become as One.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez. 

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Patty Kay
Patty Kay

You gave me shivers! Thank you.