(Poem) renaming olden names by Maya Daniel


Art by Maya Daniel
Art by Maya Daniel

the conquerors have
renamed our village of Malabno into Wright.
renamed our village of Mapanag into Roosevelt
renamed our village of Sambuong as McKinley
(now, known as Katipunan) and one village as Taft,
names that made our tongues twist, so to say,
it was enforced upon us with tricks of believing them
and what is that for, institution of foreign power?
we will not allow an Obama whose troops are
setting foot on our sacred lands – we remember well
the Balikatan Exercises— and other names
of his like to replace our Tagbakan. Sirib,
Tomloy, Malinao, Tamakulan, Sumaguksok,
Taburok. Bungbungan, Pintakan, Dumayay…


Those places are barangays and sub-barangays (villages and sub-villages) in Tapaz, Capiz

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