(Poem) Sunset Grocery Temple of Isis by Robin Scofield


Enchantments of Isis, the green parrots

light on the bougainvillea and the scarecrow

with a straw hat.  I want you to be the first

to know how many lovesongs of fresh water

I have sung to the Beloved, who falls

off the cliff without looking back for his dog.

A red flower in brunette hair, the color

of fresh blood, a carnation, not a poppy.

Today’s date is neither here nor there.

It is now and then important

to the tea kettle and watering can.

The color wheel the parrot flies toward,

dawn in the desert, orange glow

and cobalt clouds of walking rain.

You don’t know how far

Isis went to look for the Beloved,

how much she found in the columns.

At the Sunset Grocery, my friend Gene

sings lovesongs in English and Spanish.

The jackrabbits run away and away.

The geranium thinks of the bee,

and the hummingbird dives for the ocotillo,

buzzes around the red-tailed hawk

who sits on the cliff from which the Beloved

fell, from his roost of red stones.

And Isis plants tomatoes

in the skull of the Beloved

where he sits in Hades as the Judge

but without his cock because a fish

swallowed it, and the sea would not

give it back again.  The poppies

spring up in spring, and you will

be the first to know all the love songs

at the Sunset Grocery Temple of Isis.


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