(Poem) The Flamingo Dance (La danza de los flamenco) by Maria Arias

dancing flamigo
Created by Maria Arias

How beautiful,

                               Very graceful,



Wading in the shallow waters

Extending their colorful and radiant wings

Shades of oranges, reds, and pinks

Eating algae, larvae, small fishes

And small insects



Standing on one leg

                                             Their webbed feet supported

                                                                                                         By the mud


Strong and rare swimmers

                                                  Que hermosos!

                                                                           Que extraordinario!

                                                                            Sus larga vibrantes alas!


The long curving necks

The long curved bill

Make them very unique

The vocal (voice) ranges

Hooking, growling and grunting

They mingle and fly by the flock of dozens




Head flagging,

                              Marching up and down

                                                                           And saluting with their wings


Time to court, the males will perform

Get into their group and dance their heart out

The performance begins, love is in the air

Among the available flamingos

Ready to be wooed,

Watching them dance back and forth

Their extended wings gliding high

Long necks are flagging

What a perfect choreography




Bailarines con talento!


Extending their awesome colorful wings

Showing a wonderful performance

They can touch the hearts

And warm the soul

Get ready to be swept off your feet

Las danzas de los flamenco


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