(Book Announcement 3) She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality by Helen Hwang

[Note: She Rises Vol 1 has been published June Solstice, 2015.]

She Rises Book Reviews include the following:

“There are many contributors with names you may be familiar with, such as Carol Christ, Starhawk, Barbara Daughter, Vicki Noble, Max Dashu. Other excellent contributors will be new to you, but you may find yourself looking for more of their work. I feel honored to be included in such illustrious company. The articles are short, so they can be read over a long time period….though you might find it hard to put the book down. I was touched by how often the names Mary Daly, Merlin Stone, Marija Gimbutas, and Monica Sjoo appeared in this volume, and it seemed to me that these early pioneers were also contributing through other women.

This project grew out of a Facebook discussion. Someone–I think it was Helen Hwang–asked people to share why Goddess spirituality was important to them, and some amazing dialogue started, some of which was eventually posted onReturn to Mago blog. Out of these and other contributions a whole anthology was put together by a team of volunteers.” Hearth Moon Rising

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“Goddess cultures are part of a vast gynocentric background that predates the horrendous and escalating violence of the patriarchal foreground. Goddess worship is antithetical to male supremacy, so an essential part of men’s domestication of females was their destruction of once powerful Goddesses. The oppression of the Goddess is inseparable from the oppression of females and nature. Far from being arcane and irrelevant, Goddesses provide activists and feminists alike with a glimpse into a possible future beyond male supremacy and domination…

This anthology is extremely important in addressing some of the historical inaccuracies perpetuated by the patriarchy. It is essential reading for women seeking knowledge grounded in female experience and in reclaiming the female body. And it should be required reading for anyone interested in understanding radical feminism, and in moving beyond patriarchal thought and its gross disorder.” Dr. Moses Seenarine

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She Rises Newberry-Yokley


“The book’s structure corresponds with the three standpoints through which the engagement with the Goddess is addressed: 1. Feminism, 2.Activism, 3. Spirituality. The result is a compelling, often deeply personal and scholarly introduction to the three different aspects that constitute the complex contemporary phenomenon of the feminine in relation to the Goddess. The notion of the Goddess is no longer confined to passive devotion or chiefly dependent on biological motherhood, but is interwoven with strands of ecofeminism, political activism, feminist theories, and emerging forms and ideas of spirituality and culture.

One of the striking features of the publication is its non-hierarchal, accomplished arrangement of texts, ranging from personal reflections, poems and art works to essays by principal authors and leaders of the Goddess Movement and Feminist Spirituality including Starhawk, Carol Christ, Max Dashu, Glenys Livingstone, Vicki Noble, and other important contributors. The diversity of texts by women of different backgrounds and age groups, nationalities and cultures serves to emphasise the often invisible links between personal, scholarly and collective experience. Moreover, it highlights the fabric of the rising feminine as She continues to evolve and transform throughout the generations.” Dr. Lila Moore

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“The word Goddess is still, for most people, a weighted one—the mainstream understanding of the word is that it is vaguely wrong, even somehow heretical. Our conception of the Goddess in this way is no accident, and history proves it—the essays in this book give you that history, both in archeological record and in social analysis. From Pegi Eyers, we learn that “Marija Gimbutas’ The Civilization of the Goddess (1991) outlined the archeological record of Old Europe and the history of matriarchal societies, and is considered to be a milestone in feminist scholarly research. This sacred history, or foundational myth, underpins the political and religious tenets of Goddess Spirituality today.” And Harriet Ann Ellenberger explains that “…the imagery and concepts of patriarchal religion justify and are embedded in the material structures of oppression.”

Second-Wave feminists studied the Divine Feminine and experienced Her, but their story is rarely told in books or movies about the rise of feminism: this book corrects that, and includes the voices of many of the women who helped to shape scholarship and theological thought (or thealogy) around the Goddess.  Here you will find, among others, the work of Carol Christ and Max Dashu and Starhawk and Barbara C. Daughter, who have helped bring an understanding of the Divine Feminine to many awakening women and men. In their words—indeed, in the words of all who poured their faith and intellect into this anthology—you will find Her spirit moving.  Playful, serious, full of the fire of change and the lullaby of self-love and self-care: oh, yes, She is here.” Elizabeth Hall Magill

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She Rises Wynne


Below from Amazon book reviews:

“She Rises is drenched with female divine wisdom and power. There is not an essay, poem or piece of artwork in this book that is not life-changing and heartfelt. This is an anthology to read again and again – and share with your daughters and granddaughters. This is a book that truly can change our world and lift up women and girls worldwide.” Trista Hendren

“This anthology is fearless, and addresses so many valuable issues. It has incrediblewritings & an awesome display of talent. I love all the artwork – so unique & verybeautiful. This book should be labeled as a must – have in libraries around the world. Outstanding!” Phibby Venable
“Many books have been written on the rise in Goddess spirituality — my shelves are full of them — but this one has a special niche. Filled with essays, poetry, and art by 92 contributors, it has many points of view, from deep personal insights to scholarly summations of the history of feminist spirituality and what it means in today’s world. Some of the writings are shouts of outrage, some are whispers of encouragement. There are a few inaccuracies, and part of the ground has already been well covered, but it’s refreshing to hear new voices among the old, and each has a different perspective. The oppression, denigration and ridicule of the divine feminine has been pervasive for centuries, and now it appears that a great shift is happening. We owe a good part of it to the rising tide of thinkers, artists and activists like these. I highly recommend reading She Rises.” Marilyn McFarlance
She Rises Liona Rowan


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