(Poem) Womb Waves by Anne Wilkerson Allen

Artist Georgi Dmitriev
Artist Georgi Dmitriev

Womb-waves pulsed and flowed
with the cycles of the moon –

moved into the primordial bodies
of women
to pulse and flow

with the rhythmic tides….
a place of creation…
a place of sensuality…
a body evolved
to feel Her rhythms,
to give birth and life
and inevitable death and rebirth and life….
to know the ecstasy
of being one with all
and salt tears still flow –
the taste of Her ocean
within you.

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Antonia McGuire

Anne, what can I say, it takes my breath away…It is perfect.

Vrinda Jamunashakti

Anne, your poem is as luminiscent, powerful and subtle as the visual gift !

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