(Art poem) Doing Homage at Montserrat by Eileen Haley

montserrat play2Grey-haired pilgrims

we take the cable car

up the dragon-backed mountain

to the Black Madonna

the Virgin of Montserrat


Her tale

as old priests tell it

is that she was found in a cave

in the year 890

by shepherds led by angels

just in time to help

in the war against Islam


Her tale

as wise women tell it

is that

she is the old earth goddess

black as soil

as compost

black as the womb of the world

revered by countryfolk

since ancient days


She seems a nice lady

but a bit glum

weighed down I guess

by our tedious complaints

our petty woes

outrageous demands

self-interested wishes


I’d like to take her out

for a breath of fresh air

a dip in a stream

a dance on a mountaintop

a glass of cold wine

a feast of barley cakes

a ride

on my broom

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