(Essay) Abandoning the Goddess: Men’s Ending of Ecogynocentrism by Moses Seenarine

Goddess Demeter, Bardo National Museum by Pascal Radigue

The Goddess is Earth. Humans cannot remove divinity from Earth. To do so is treason punishable by extinction. Belief in a male savior in the sky prevents us from saving ourselves from men’s greed on Earth. People of faith feel that humans were granted dominion over earth, and the wealthiest one percent have earned the right to dominate human and earthly affairs.

Almost universal belief in sky magic is opportunistic and self-centered, merely cover for people’s lust for money, power and prestige under the guise of security. But the more we seek individual security is the more insecure humans become collectively.

Earth is the hive and Queen, and humans are worker bees that are here to serve and protect her. Instead, we act arrogantly and do the opposite – using Gaia and her Earthlings to construct seven billion barren hives without a Mother.

Men’s enslavement of food animals commences around 10,000 BP and this process is so new that the power of transportation machines is still measured in ‘horse’-power. Unlike intensive agriculture which had a long history, the taming, enslaving, and breeding of herbivores was a sudden, extremist idea. By focusing on a few species at the expense of all others, men fundamentally contradicted and ignored ancient gynecological laws for long-term land management.

Since Goddess-based sanctions pertaining to the taming of fauna were ignored, sustainability became an ongoing issue for early herders up to the present. Rejecting ecological guidance regarding tamed animals contributed to their exploitation and over-use of local plant resources for feed. This in turn led to perpetual male conflict over grazing lands, frequent ecological collapse, and the reoccurring demise of patriarchal ‘civilizations.’


Men’s enslavement and breeding of herbivores are inherently unsustainable. To cite just one example, in the early 1800s, European colonists found open grasslands among the rainforest in the highlands of northern Tasmania. The grasslands were ideal for sheep, so European families imported several herds and settled down to become farmers.

At the same time, the colonists removed local Aborigines from the area, which prevented their regular burning of the highlands. Soon, sour grass and scrub replaced the open grassland, and sheep farming became unprofitable
with imported grain. These European agricultural ‘experts’ lasted less than two decades, while Aborigines, who supposedly lacked any form of agricultural technology, survived for thousands of years on the same land. Modern methods of land clearing, like slash-and-burn and clear cutting, ignore ancient ecological laws and goals.

Prior to their enslavement, nonhuman animals were respected, and their environments were carefully managed. Each animal species had a totem, and human clans shared responsibly for all of the animals long-term well-being. Interestingly, natural laws for the taming of food animals did not exist in the Stone Age. Perhaps gynocentric, long-term land management strategies generated nutritional abundance, so there was no need to hunt or enslave animals for food.

Men Harnessing of Animal Power

Before animal enslavement began in earnest, men were riding horses and traveling at speeds unimaginable before. These horsemen were the first cyborgs who broke away from ecogynocentrism to invade and destroy female-centered groups with limited means to respond. Roving bands of male warriors destabilized female-led communities across vast regions. The chaos that ensued helped to establish the dawn of cyborg rule, competition, and violence, that continues into the present.

Animal husbandry created a male monster that quickly unraveled ancient gynecological cultures that lasted throughout the Stone Age. The massive reduction of women’s power led to cyborgs becoming a new Prometheus – the Greek creator of mankind, with dominion over all of the Earth.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Dr. Moses Seenarine.

(This is from Cyborgs Versus the Earth Goddess: Men’s Domestication of Women and Animals and Female Resistance.)

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