(Poem) medusa cantadera by Jillian Parker aka Flame in the Snow

(for michelle escobedo)

wrapped in black electric exile
a mantle of guilt and shame
she drags her fingers in the river

her locks just might be serpents
slithering down to the water
her visage lethal for a mortal

but you are powerless to resist her
La Llorona weeping in the dark
her eyes antimony

she will lure you and shatter you
and drive you to grope for her
ever elusive in the sable mists

because she is the starving dark
she will devour your heart whole
leave muddy wolfprints on your chest

and a blue murmur of chanting:
if you fall upon your own knife
dipped in the blood of truth
you will arise

Michelle for Jillian's poem

(Meet Mago Contributor) Jillian Parker.

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we are indeed powerless to resist her.. thank you for this powerful and touching poem..


Amazing, incredible poem! I may have read this one before. It’s stunning, tight, arresting, and lures one like the starving dark! Beautiful!

Glenys D. Livingstone