(Meet Mago Contributor) Janie “Oquawka” Rezner, MA

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Heralding the Return of our Mother

I am a great grandmother, singing publicly most of my life, influenced by my musical mother who grew up on a farm in Illinois, 1933.  After 2 abusive marriages, and 3 lovely children I came to Berkeley California, received  an MA in clinical psychology.   I then began  a profound spiritual journey inward,  initiated by separation from someone I loved.  My past thirty years have been devoted to heralding the return of the Great Ancestress  through music, art, writing,  speaking, and  life itself.  I also interview women on Women’s Voices, KZYX radio, who work for change  in our  troubled world.

www.janierezner.com  http://www.janierezner.com/interviews.html

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(Video) ‘A Journey to the Heart of Things’ by Janie Rezner

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