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RTM CFC 2Your S/HE Desire Creates RTM: Now we accept your ongoing submission via Facebook “RTM Contributors”

If you wish to become a contributor, please see here.

If you are already a contributor but have not yet joined RTM Contributors Facebook Group, please join us here.


We are pleased to announce a new and alternative way of submitting/accepting your contributions, which will take place right here. Anyone in the group can submit your timely and seasonal contributions. Your submissions will be published on Tuesdays. We will call this the System B in distinction from the System A, which the standard way of submission that you have done via email. In other word, you will have two ways to submit your contribution from now on.

Thanks to all of you, Return to Mago (RTM) E-Magazine will be 5 year-old in August 15, this year. It has been a blessing for us to witness a steady growth! Along the way, this Facebook group was created with the hope to enhance and promote creativity and connection among RTM Contributors. We feel time is ripe for us to utilize this FB group.

Why implementing the System B?
As you know, we have been publishing thrice per week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). We, the RTM Editorial Circle, Mary Saracino (Editor-in-Chief), Rosemary Mattingley (Admin Editor), and myself, have experienced that the current thrice per week publication routine at times could not cope with the vitality and intensity of contributions. Meanwhile, we see that your newest works are posted and shared in Facebook. Through the System B, we can provide a venue for your works to reach farther audience. In other words, the System A alone, while stabilizing the foundational structure of RTM, is a bit rigid and fixed to accommodate dynamism and spontaneity that we intend to generate and serve.

How does the System B works?
Like System A, we have a set of volunteers who will make it work.
System B RTM Editorial Circle includes:

Copy-editors: Deanne Quarrie (and another copyeditor, we hope)
Reviewers: Mary Saracino, Glenys Livingstone, and Helen Hwang
Bloggers: Alaya Dannu, Helen Hwang

Just like System A, we accept all genres (essay, prose, book review, poetry, artwork, video, photo, and etc.). It can be a new work or previously published but not widely circulated.

Anyone can recommend the submission post by clicking “Like” and/or commenting. Taking comments into consideration, reviewers will finalize the selection. At this time, we will ask for more data if the submission is incomplete.

For all text writings except poetry, copy-editors will provide copy-editing and return it to the contributor in “Files.” Emails and PMs may be used privately.
Blogger will schedule it on Tuesday, 9PM PST. First come, first serve at this stage. We may extend to Thursdays if necessary.

Submission Guidelines:
–Genres: Artworks, videos, photos, poems, essays (prose), book excerpts, and others. For artworks, videos, and photos, please provide a short write-up about it. For poems, it is not mandatory but a short-write up can help.

–Topic: It is the same as the System A, which concerns the broad topic of Goddess feminism, activism, and spirituality. In general, we assume that your contribution will fit the purpose of RTM, which is to promote the collective cultivation of the WE consciousness in S/HE. See the Call For Contributions here.

–Posting: You may create a new post in “Discussion” or use “Files.” “Files” is located in the menu, down below the group image. Please indicate the title in the first line of your post. Include 1-2 images with credit info, 3-5 keywords (your full name should be included in the keyword). Images can be uploaded separately or included in the post.

For essay, prose, and book review submission, it is mandatory to use a Word file and upload in “Files.” AND indicate your preferred way of being contacted by copy-editor (email or PM).


–Withdrawal: Should you wish to withdraw your submission, it would be best to do so before copyediting, but not possible once it is published. That means we ask you to SUBMIT THE FINAL VERSION OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION, NOT A DRAFT. PROOFREAD IS MANDATORY BEFORE SUBMITTING IT.

What RTM System B Editors provide:
–Reviewing: We will finalize the selection and ask for the full data, if incomplete.
–Copy-editing: For all text writing contributions except poetry, copy-editing will be provided. Copyeditor will upload the copy-edited document in “Files.”
–Bloggers will schedule it on the first Tuesday available.

What other RTM Contributors can do:
Anyone can back the submission by commenting. Once it is published, please share it out to your social media and email venues.

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