(Poem) A Story of the Goddess by Luke Buckham with art by Victor Hernández

With one's whole body, as these dancers

     Nowadays her husband, a sea scorpion
        an equally fervid stabber
    the world has its legends of life
  a great feast and festival
                       the rhythmical movement of the nymph

     The girl became
     world voracious, and impotent

 with a wild temper, she keeps watch
            her one eye over the mammals
                  her severed fingers sprang from her body transformed
         gauze and a black backcloth towards humanity
 the chief deity of the lower autumn people
    an armless woman with whom she shares the arctic
     and there she still dwells, keeping this ballet without music
                                                from shaded bleachers

                                              far north hold her honor

VH victor's darkened illustration

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