(Goddess Panel Art) Mother Nature by Kaalii Cargill

Mother Nature Kaalii Cargill 2014
Mother Nature
Kaalii Cargill 2014

This image of “Mother” is one of a series of four Goddess Panels made for the Australian Goddess Conference in 2014. The “Mother” panel is life size (210 x 106 cm), crafted from fabric, bamboo padding, printed canvas, and bead work on a cotton backing. She is Mother Nature, the beginning, the end, the eternal return, the cycles and seasons, the wheel of the year, the changing Moon. Her body is golden-brown for the patterns of Nature that connect all living things. From Her breasts abundance flows, blue and green for water and earth, earth and water . . . Read Meet Mago Contributor, Kaalii Cargill.

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