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Leslene d MadreLeslene della-Madre
Is a long time student for over 35 years and practitioner of the path of the Sacred She. She is a radical feminist, author, poet, mystic, “shemama” (soul midwife), death midwife, music lover, initiate in several shamanic traditions and mother. She is the founder of Winged Women Return, a center for feminist shamanic studies where she holds classes, ritual and healing circles. She lived on The Farm in Tennessee as a pioneer in the “back to the land” movement that was born from the psychedelic revolution of the 1960’s where she lived for nearly eleven years. She gave natural birth to two daughters who became the founders of the all female music collective, The Goddess Alchemy Project, originally based in Oakland, California. Leslene has served as spiritual adjunct to the mental health field assisting psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and physicians in capacities as colleague and healer. She is the author of Midwifing Death: Returning to the Arms of the Ancient Mother as well as numerous articles, essays and poetry, published in anthologies, magazines, and journals. She was a featured poet in 2012 for the online journal, Sibella Poetry. For a number of years Leslene hosted a cable television show, Wildfire, Tell-A-Vision for Women in Northern California. She also created a transformational retreat for the Center for Spiritual Living in Northern California, Womanspirit, over twenty years ago where hundreds of women have continued to experience life altering change. She has appeared on elder panels with Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim, chairwoman of The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and is an international workshop facilitator and presenter working with women on the collective journey of dismantling patriarchy and re-membering the sacred circle of sisterhood.
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