(Art) Persephone by Jassy Watson

Persephone ©Jassy Watson

Persephone; daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone’s story is one of ascent and descent, of a journey from the light to dark and dark to light. It is a story of mother and daughter and of individuation; the path of becoming Woman.

Traditionally Persephone is celebrated in Autumn (Mabon) at the Equinox as she begins her descent from the Upperworld shared with her mother Demeter, to the dark underworld where she will tend to the dead and take on her role as Queen of the Underworld and wife to Hades.

Here She asks us to look at what needs balancing in our life and reminds us that the path to wholeness is the path of paradox.

She reminds us of the ebb and flow and of the cycle of life and death.



Dark always returns.

The seed of life lies dormant,

Waiting for the sun.


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Glenys D. Livingstone

Jassy I didn’t know that Zeus had anything to do with Persephone’s birth: I thought She was Demeter’s Daughter-Self, parthenogenetically … ? I understand that Zeus has tried to nose in: … and is She still “wife” to Hades? I thought She had managed to get Her hands out of his sink (that is, servile and secondary duties, as the term “wife” seems to imply imo). Why not have him as “consort” to Persephone … probably was once more the truth.


I love that poem at the end… explicates Persephone in such a creative way.