(Poetry) Prayer to the Mother by Amina Rodriguez

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

I feel deeply troubled and a bit unsettled.

I feel strongly a pull in two directions.

Loving passionately and despising at once.

I fear to look at what is hiding inside me…

The truth of the roots of all my pain

A reflection of what is out there around me

I ask the universe for the courage to dive within

I know the answers to all that ails me lies there

Something keeps pulling me away distracting me from myself my truth my own love.

I know I need to love myself first before I can help the world in some capacity that I can handle.

Or even relate to anyone at all in a healthy way

This is my only desire…

To be of service in a way that benefits the shift within humanity

Towards a new era and a higher dimension which will lead us out of this abys.

Let me be a part of it

Let my ego burn up into ashes so that my soul can shine through.

So that I can do what I came here to do…

My divine purpose, divine will, divine grace, divine Mother have mercy on my soul

Take all of me and convert it into translucent gold.

Photography by Amina Rodriguez

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez.

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