(Poem) This Morning, the North Star by Phibby Venable


This morning the north star kindled the dawn

in violet and salmon

But, I could see through the bare branches

how the day meant to be

I had watched the night stars leave

one by one closing the light of their eyes


Now, a wet fog has turned to a light rain

and the fire in the sky blends to ash gray

You are still sleeping, and the music

of the rain is steady and keeping you

silent in its mystical beat


I am feeding the blind poodle & moving him

closer to small heater

I am preparing hot food for the outside dogs

They ignore their two houses and move into one

They are instinctual in the cold, and do not know

the ways of the human heart –

capable of living in one house – many miles apart


(Meet Mago Contributor) Phibby Venable

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Such a beautiful poem. Thanks

Phibby Venable

Thank you so much, Sara <3