(Photo Poem) The Arctic Dome by Harriet Ann Ellenberger

Pair of Wild Turkeys. Photo by Mr. Bear, Dec. 2016

If you were within the polar vortex,
high above earth,
the breath in your lungs would freeze.


Winds swirl counterclockwise,
moving the cold southward
to a country
where no one wants to be a loser.


Arctic wind chills the blood.


But in a land of so much noise,
so many killings,
so much heated speculation,
too many carnival barkers,
no one notices the bloodstream
and how it flows.


The body politic is distracted,
and cannot surrender
to a new Ice Age.


16 December 2016

Meet Mago Contributor, Harriet Ann Ellenberger.

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I love this poem, not just because I too come from a frozen land but because it’s truthful. The words “The body politic is distracted,and cannot surrender to a new Ice Age” move me in a heartbroken place beneath words.