(Poem) Solstice Gift for Baby Jesus by Andrea Nicki


I make him a cross, not the kind that others gave him

starting him on a lonely path of Martyr, World Savior

I join two sticks with coloured yarn, create a God’s Eye

like the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians

They began this cross when a child entered the world

the four points representing Earth, Fire, Water, Air

A main eye was woven and one eye was added

on every birthday for five years

a cross of healing and protection

setting the child on a long, full life


[Author’s Note] In the third week of December I was writing in my journal some thoughts about Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. At the same time I was thinking that I would like the new year to be a new beginning and a shift away from projects, activities and old habits that were not serving me. I was also acknowledging that building a new kind of life would take some time, at least a few years, and so patience and gentleness with myself would be needed. I imagined myself as a young child weaving something small in my hands, twining some yarn around two small sticks. The image was very pleasant and relaxing. It’s possible that I made such a weaving when I was young, as I have always made art and crafts, though I don’t recall this. I googled the  phrase “yarn weaving” on the internet and arrived on a Wikipedia site about a God’s Eye yarn weaving: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God’s_eye. There I learned more about this weaving and its spiritual significance for Huichol and Tepehuan Indians.

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I make god’s eyes too to acknowledge the 4 sacred directions and find this task a lovely tradtion for this time of year.