(Art) Nurture by Anna Tzanova

Anna Tzanova
Art by Anna Tzanova


to feed and protect; to support and encourage; to foster and bring up; to train and educate; to develop and nourish; to care for and cherish…  Such a multifaceted and meaningful word!


It represents to me an essential quality of the Goddess. An aspect I strive to cultivate within, embody, and express externally. I use it to guide all my actions by asking myself, “Is this nurturing?”; “By doing this, what am I nurturing?”


Very often, minds have been conditioned to counterpose nature and nurture, creating not only a divide, but also a controversy. The intrinsic feature of Nature is to nurture. The womb not only births, but nurtures. Nothing can be sustained or achieved without nurture. Nature teaches us the lesson of acceptance. Nurture – the lesson of patience. It also provides the opportunity and freedom of choice. Together, they intertwine and weave the entire Creation.


What are you nurturing today?


From She Rises: How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? Volume 2 (forthcoming, 2016).


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