(Poem) The true colors of the peacock by Maria Arias

The beauty,

The immortality,

The Spirituality

The Holiness

The royalty

The Compassionate

Original artwork ©Marias

Creature created

To show its uniqueness

And kindness

Watch the peafowl walk

As it stretches its long green-blue neck

Iridescent blue and green plumage

Dragging its colorful elongated train

As it extends it beautiful fan like feathers

Original artwork ©Marias

Marked with magnificent color eye spots

Blue crest on the top of its head

It’s time to display your true colors

Down the runway stage

Bursting with vibrant hues

The shimmering appearances

Who has the biggest feathers?

And the mightiest of them all

New breath of life

The awaking,


The patient



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Photo Caption for both Peacock images:


Original artwork ©Marias, used with permission from the artist.