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Mago AcademyThanks to your support and interest, the Return to Mago webzine has grown rapidly for the last twelve months and continues to send out the message that WE ARE ONE PEOPLE in the Great Goddess. It is open to the public across the continents. We have begun to publish materials in non-English languages. Our readership displays over 134 nations as of today. Our Editors (Rosemary Mattingley, Helen Hwang, Donna Snyder, Mary Saracino, and others) are ever-committed as volunteers, a symbol in itself for what WE are. We seek out for contributions that can visualize our connections, struggles, and visions.

We welcome the following perennially:

Introduction of Goddess from around the world (the great goddess in priority) and her history, myth, material cultures;

Feminist issues;

Structural/institutional issues (racism, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, and nationalism, etc) that hinder the goddess consciousness and activities;

Spirituality, religion, history of a particular people that revere the female divine;

Cosmology, ecology, and nature in relation to the female divine;

Song/dance of life-searching and life-loving work, project, and expression;

We also seek seasonal themes such as equinoxes and solstices, feast and holiday messages.

By contributing to Return to Mago, you are participating in WE, the Current of Connecting with All Beyond Differences, the Way the Universe Is as our ancestors did.

Please send an email for submission inquiry or more information to any of us:

Helen Hwang (, Creator, Director, and Co-editor

Rosemary Mattingley (, Editor-in-Chief

Donna Snyder (, Co-editor

Mary Saracino (, Co-editor

Basic Guidelines:

We are seeking relevant and creative materials that include research, experience, insight, knowledge, vision, and/or event anytime. We welcome articles,  essays, poems, reports, fictions, journals, photo essays, short videos, and art pieces.

  • Topics: Our emphasis is on any theme of goddess and the female divine of the world to promote connection, peace, creativity, diversity, and activism of many kinds.
  • Length: Approximately but not exclusively in 400-700 words for essays. If long in length, we recommend parceling it into parts.
  • Use and attach in your email a Word document for your manuscript. If using notes, please make them as endnotes.
  • Provide at least one image that goes with your material. Images need to be sent as jpg files. For art, pixels should be about 800×1000.
  • Include 3-10 keywords in your submission.
  • Include one or a few sentences from your essay that will entice our readership. We will use it as “a pinned quote” for your post.
  • If you are a new contributor to RTM, provide a short bio and a headshot photo for our Contributors Page.

Our Editors Collective will review your submission as quickly as possible and notify the decision. If chosen, you will be provided with copy-editing and/or suggestion that will respect your voice and style. Please email us about a non-English essay submission if you have one. Thanks so much and Mago Blessings!

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We, the co-editors, contributors, and advisers, have started the Mago Web (Cross-cultural Goddess Web) to rekindle old Gynocentric Unity in our time. Now YOU can help us raise this torch high to the Primordial Mountain Home (Our Mother Earth Herself) wherein everyone is embraced in WE. There are many ways to support Return to Mago. Donate $3.00 to $10.00 is one way. For your time and skill, please email Helen Hwang ( Please take an action today and we need that! Thank YOU in Goddesshood of all beings!

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Sandra Sanchez
Sandra Sanchez

I don’t write anymore but I LOVE reading the great writing you publish. All best and THANKYOU! Sandy Sanchez