(Essay 2) Choosing Celibacy on My Path to Freedom by Marie de Kock

Would you call a womb that is consciously receiving the protection and nurture from the Cosmic Womb and consciously storing the bliss of self cultivated implosive orgasm for the purpose of Creation celibate or creative?

(c) Arna Baartz; permission to reprint granted by the artist.
(c) Arna Baartz; permission to reprint granted by the artist.

Continuing with a twist in the story of my personal tale: While most of the New Age World was preparing for their Ascension during 2012, I fell in lust and love. After my in depth investigation into Sacred Sex I grasped the spiritual liberation inherent in implosive orgasm— clearly extremely useful if it could propel me into a multi-orgasmic state that would recharge my point of attraction blissfully! I realized that a couple practicing Sacred Sex could create the most exciting, abundant reality for themselves with the help of the Law of Attraction!

And my object of desire appeared right in front of my eyes: Powerful, influential, extremely well disciplined as an athlete, 9 years younger than me, charmingly shy and most disconcertingly; an old, beloved soul mate and lover, seemingly available again in this lifetime.

I had to do something with the profound creative arousal triggered by his gorgeous body, so I wrote him an erotic love story for his birthday (to no avail.) He came to me for five Reiki treatments, loved it, and then he sent his girl friend to me. There were many lovers in his life. Tears were shed, sometimes still. Falling in love is sweet after all…experiencing it again, unexpectedly at the age of 54, very sweet indeed. Ah… the yearning for the imagined safe embrace… “The River Stone: A Spiritual Erotic Fantasy” passionately written as a labor of love bears witness to this poignant event in my strange, solitary little life. (If you want to know more about Sacred Sex, you can get it on Amazon.com.)

And then my strange little life became a magical life because I started receiving instruction via my womb, heightening the consciousness within my body to a state of dreaming awake: The homework of all those years of practicing the magical passes, celibacy,and abstinence started paying off: my vortex of womb wisdom opened up. I now understand that the real trigger for this event was my heart opening up; my soul mate had reappeared for a reason; only he could have activated such an outpour of love. And so the path became clear from the womb to the heart to the crown. My own pure creative force did the rest.

I was shown the feminine equivalent of “ascension with the merkaba,” which is actually a transformation from the 3rd to 5th dimension.The female spiritual journey into other dimensions occurs along the energetic path spiraling deeper and deeper inside her womb, into the still point of the vortex. Women can, with the totality of their consciousness, enter and turn that spiral inside out with the creative force of orgasmic implosion and become a conscious, luminous Sphere: The perfect replica of Mago, of our Source; and nothing else—disappearing into the 5th dimension of liquid light, one with the all encompassing spiritual, plasmic placenta of our Cosmic Womb.

The process starts with a gathering of the ribbons of light frequencies that radiate from our chakras. It starts with the orange sacral frequency, but soon all the rainbow colored ribbons plus the light frequencies from other vortices of the internal organs and acupressure points become active—almost agitated—the exquisite ribbon dance of gymnasts come to mind—but the dance is multi-dimensional, with a multitude of ribbons.

The feeling is one of intense excitation, the joyous anticipation just before orgasm, but there is also magnificent control because in reality, the dancing ribbons are being pulled within, they are rolled up into their vortices, the feeling is one of sequential orgasms folding in upon themselves. Simultaneously it feels like time upon time folding in upon itself, along with the wisdom that had been gained inside those time lines, illuminating the relevant chakra frequencies, everything folding in tighter, spiraling faster and tighter becoming like a rolled up papoose or bundled cocoon, with the light intensifying within, increasing the luminosity at the core, inside the still point until it becomes a pure, pinpoint of brilliant golden luminosity: A seed of light. Ready to explode…

Ready to surrender all resistance and expand into the vastness of the Eternal Embrace of the all containing womb…which would signify our death, or our journey into pure light, where every single nucleus of every cell becomes conscious of itself for a moment, and then disperses into the cosmos, surrendering the wisdom gained into the eternal uterine soup of awareness.

(This is NOT the journey into the artificial, virtual-one-and-a-half-time space, the illusory holographic dream states created by the inorganic, cold-blooded alien parasites, also called hungry ghosts, floating around in dark matter. Please understand how important it is to be able to discriminate.)

So, yes, ready to explode but IF there is enough cohesion within the vortex of the womb in order to contain and maintain the orgasmic state of bliss, the spiral unfolds from within itself, turning itself inside out, infusing itself with all the wisdom of all the frequencies of all the ribbons, maintaining conscious coherence, maintaining the fused nucleus of clear individual intention, like a self induced seed, sustaining its own spiritual identity: becoming a transformed, self sustaining Sphere of conscious, Divine Wisdom.

The trained and regained, recapitulated clarity of the celibate crone who has been through her menopause and kundalini-awakening can achieve this state. The crones often traveled or dreamed awake together, or visited each other’s dream worlds in order to verify and validate their perceptions and creations. No doubt, for the sheer joy of it too… imagine the tea parties in each other’s wombs, the womb of another universe… a dream of Source way out on the parameter… Every still point of every sphere is connected in the Cosmos—our unconditional nurture, love and wisdom come from the Cosmic golden placenta.

But the virgin womb has the greatest cohesion of them all due to the fact that the centrifugal force of her vortex has never been disturbed, her golden liquid light has never been tapped into; her connection with the Cosmic spiritual placenta is completely intact. The magical creative power of the virgin gives her the capacity to awaken her light body or, also called dreaming body, which she can use as a twin, or she could give birth to a flesh-blood-and-bone feminine replica of herself. Or, if trained, she can travel consciously as that self-infused Sphere;gathering information in the form of light, through dimensions, through universes, through the dreams of others, she can perceive, learn, and grow more luminous.

Every woman born with a womb has astounding perceptive and creative capabilities at all times, especially before and during menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy. The same divine, loving, creative intelligence that pours into the fetus is coming through the mother’s placenta, after all. And the unconditional nurture continues flowing to her children on the energetic level after the physical placenta has been cut. There is a cord of golden light from the mother’s womb to the umbilical region of every child, connecting them on the 5th dimension until the mother passes into light.

The witch’s feat is to journey consciously and return at will, and unfold yet again from that Sphere, spiral into the womb, and allow the ribbons of light to undulate again, radiating into the 3rd dimension; where she can share the knowledge from the Land of the Strong, the Wise and the Fair, telling her wondrous faerie tales of wisdom bringing light, love and healing.

The young virgin also has the capacity to create dreams that bloom into full blown realities from her playful imagination—she can dream new worlds into being for the sheer joy of it, just like our Cosmic Womb.These are natural, organic bubbles of creation, not artificial holograms. The womb of the girl child before menses has even more cohesion: With her bliss she attracts the greatest amount of joy, well being and abundance, for herself and those around her. For this reason the girl child is still revered in some cultures. Yes, the infantile virginal womb has the greatest cohesion of all wombs:that is the value of a little girl’s womb before she starts menstruating.

And horrifically so, that is the value of the child bride: that is what the rapist husband gains when he tears open and taps into the golden plasma; like a nuclear explosion where the energy is gained not from fusion but by ripping the core apart. During war, soldiers are encouraged to rape because the raped collective womb of the enemy becomes the trophy—the “conquered territory”. The golden core or “heirloom” is what is robbed by the incestuous father or brother or uncle or cousin.

Rape and sexual abuse is literally the antithesis of Creation; that is what it is really about. It is utterly and totally unacceptable.

And so, when I cast my circle I wish for a safe world of love and peace and beauty and harmony where we can thrive in natural bliss with our lovers and our husbands and our children and all the other creatures and wonders of nature on our home planet,  with all of my heart.

And for myself I pray that my core intention merges with the core intention of Gaia; the Golden Age in vibrational gestation. And I intend it from the vortex of my womb; whether it can be called a celibate womb, or not, I am not sure. What would you call a womb that is consciously receiving the protection and nurture from the Cosmic Source Womb and consciously storing the bliss of self-cultivated implosive orgasm for the purpose of Creation…

A fractal replica of Source… ? Well, Womanhood is Creation…

I have compiled a comprehensive Self-Help Womb Purification and Liberation Program in order to equip women, especially survivors of sexual abuse, with powerful, positive tools for transformation. After many years of using these tools for myself and Reiki clients, I have adapted them and put them in a certain order so that the transformation process is as effective, yet as gentle as possible.

Along with the forgotten information about our essentially feminine, truly magical capacity to create our own well being… the womb purification program is available in my book Heal your Feminine Essence: A Transformative Journey Within: For Women who Wish to be Free. It is my somewhat celibate, strange, magical life’s work. Given with great love and deep concern: May it be useful to those who need it.

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