(Call for Contributions) Where are you? We'd like to see you!

cropped-mago-triad-6x4-rdcd.jpgEven if we can’t see you, seeing your work is the next best thing. Maybe even better, as it shows your essence.

Why not consider submitting your work to this blog, Return to Mago? Since our inception just over two years ago, readers from 156 countries have viewed the blog, with about 50,000 views!

To keep the blog flowing regularly, we are always happy to receive submissions of  relevant poetry, art, essays, films, music, or any other genre that we haven’t thought of.

It can be something new, or it can be something you’ve already published, stand-alone, part of a series, an extract.

You don’t even need to have published previously. Why not start exploring your talents by submitting a contribution? Check through your drawers for that poem or drawing you thought wasn’t good enough or you set aside for lack of further inspiration; clean up your computer to find that lurking file with the brilliant seed idea.

Don’t be shy, we’ve posted most submissions we’ve received.  We’d genuinely like to hear from you, and we respond personally to submissions. Here’s a guide to what we’re broadly looking for: http://magoism.net/people/call-for-contribution/

We, the co-editors, contributors, and advisers, have started the Mago Web (Cross-cultural Goddess Web) to rekindle old Gynocentric Unity in our time. Now YOU can help us raise this torch high to the Primordial Mountain Home (Our Mother Earth Herself) wherein everyone is embraced in WE. There are many ways to support Return to Mago. You may donate to us. No amount is too small for us. For your time and skill, please email Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). Please take an action today and we need that! Thank YOU in Goddesshood of all beings!

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