(Music) 'Ambrosia' by Sabrina Montanaro

Sabrina Montanaro

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I was born and brought up in London in an Italo-Swedish Family.  I trained as a vocal-composer in Florence with Gabriella Bartolomei.  I’m now resident in Roma.

Once upon a time I sat over a valley of Temples and asked God for a sign… after a long silence… a bee hit my drum and flew off.  This was the sign.

I discovered that the bee was a messenger of all the Goddesses that had been silenced on the planet; and that the drum was the primordial heart-beat, the Law and pulse of ecstasy, of fusing the mystical and physical in creation.

I became a-kin to the bee in my musical and spiritual research collecting nectar in India, Afro-Colombia and Indigenous Colombia and Ireland .

When the time was ripe the Universe gave me a twin-soul to give birth musically with: Eugenio Chabaneau from Argentina, composer, poet and Master-guitarist… and a bee hit the drum ! was born.

Now working on 2nd CD all instrumental a bit ‘ Andino ‘ dedicated to ‘Angels in time of war’.

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Yona Yavana
.:. .:. Ambrosia .:. Amrita .:. by Sabrina Montanaro .:. Ambrosia by Sabrina Montanaro This movie is based on the ancient theme which surfaces in the song “Ambrosia” by Sabrina Montanaro from her amazing CD “… and a Bee Hit the Drum !”. The lyrics celebrate the imagery of the myth of the Samudra Manthan – the churning of the Milk Ocean – the epiphany of MahaLakshmi. The audio track is on the music page of Sabrina Montanaro which is at myspace.com/sabrinaandabee. Ambrosia, the honey nectar of the Gods is known as amrita in Sanskrit — from an ancient Indo-European… Read more »