(Video) Mago Pilgrimage 2014 by Robert Seaborne and Glenys Livingstone

Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D.

As a major part of the Mago Pilgrimage to Korea with Dr Helen Hwang in 2014, we pilgrims journeyed to the sacred Mt. Jiri. Our time there began with a gracious meeting with Mister Kim on his verandah: a teacher of a tradition that combines native Korean religion and Confucianism. Then in the afternoon, we pilgrims went for a walk up Mt. Jiri to the Peak of Three Deities – Samsin. Our guide for this was a remarkable man, Maru, who had lived in a cave on the holy Mountain for thirty years. For him the climb up the mountain was a stroll and he was kindly amused at our weaknesses. It was a glorious arrival for those who made it.

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