(Prose) Language as Serpent by Lizzy Bluebell

The ancient Egyptians used the symbol of a Horned Snake called Cerastes to designate the symbol for “word”. This horned snake hides itself in the sand, with only its horns showing, waiting for its prey, a bird, to alight – and as soon as she does, she is gobbled up. The general premise in this short essay, is that the written Language we are using was deliberately construed by the patriarchal controllers of society to keep us separated in our under-standing as well as our inner-standing.

My deep concern centres around Man’s Militant Interferences in our Natural and Sacred Order (as I hold it), or The Cosmic Mother Source of All. It is the very Secret of Life itself which Men seek to control and ‘re-in-vent’ as their Mon-O-Culture, but their masculine-eyes-ed thought-systems TOTALLY excluded Womban and /or the Feminine Aspects, if you will. (Language is designed specifically to set us against each other).

Today we can read labels such as the “Schumman Resonances” as a descriptive for the System of Natural Resonances, or Earth’s ‘Frequencies’;  apprehended by Physics / Science as  the very  ‘mechanism’  for/of  Life Itself.  These electro-magnetic resonances are currently being ‘dissected’ with a view to the further EVE-O-lute-ion of the Corporate “Militant-Man” as the Control-MODEL par excellence for re-programming ALL people and the entire planet itself  FOR PROFIT !!  These patriarchs will LITTER-ALLY take the Planet apart to see how it works and then re-apply the discovered mechanisms reinvented with their OWN Codes; just as they dissected Womban herself to ‘see how she works’ and then re-appropriated the know-ledge into a male-only mill-it-ant paradigm!!

The “Schumman Resonances” are now being deliberately messed with,  just as the Word-Language “Frequencies” of the spoken words themselves have been, ever since men took up the pen and w-riting as a mightier weapon than the sword. The invention of a mass-produced populist media constitutes a Virtual Gutenburg Galaxy which assists Man himself in manifesting the World according to his own falsely defined words as encoded in the male-supreme paradigm of the word-mad-god. But now this de-structive mal-thinking, a male-only thought attitude or ‘boot-in-your-face’ approach, has advanced much further than the mere word itself; it has taken a step well beyond Words with Electro-Magnetic Resonance Technologies designed specifically by the male-militant-mentality which ever has domination on mind.

The Shumman Resonances are already being messed with all over the World via HAARP, Satellites, GWENN Towers, WiFi, Cell Phones, and other militarized technologies most of us know nothing of. The powers that be have decoded Nature’s frequencies and mechanisms and are now attempting to re-code the Earth’s electro-magnetic Biosphere with their own ‘code imprints’ — which can be aimed (targetted) right into our heads, hearts, and minds daily, without our knowledge or consent.  The Cosmic Mother Herself is under attack.

NOW IS THE ONLY JUMPING OFF POINT. We are where we are now, and must begin where we are, to correct the problem by taking some different actions on our own behalf. This requires an immediate INDUCTION of Feminine Thinking Processes into the Language we use in order to manifest or perhaps Wombanfest the new BALANCE we desperately need in this Failing System.

I myself am addressing this language problem by rearranging words in the mal-think of en-trenched ‘thin-king’ or ‘thin-is-king’ that we are already trapped into by default in the patriarchally-loaded code itself. Most people can’t see the language-water they swim in for the ‘dirty bathwater’ it really is.  Therefore I dissect words for them, I enlist the help of neologisms, and do what I can to show what is very plain to me, and has been, for 13-years.

The long-standing subjugation of Womban has to be apprehended and STOPPED DEAD NOW because it has gone way too far; we are at the brink of Planetary Disintegration unless we can steer this sinking ship to safe harbour. We need a nurturing language mary-digm as our new safe harbour for a change, not Man’s Militant Language Paradigm.

Male PHALLUS Worship was encoded into our Language as SUN/SON Worship and WARship when Men first designed to deliberately remove Womban from His-Story and Myth and Religion and Fable and Storytime.  HOW to get out of this TRAP is the real Problem.  I posit that the First Step we urgently need to take to correct this is to ERASE the ruling Masculine Default Pronoun in all academic and school texts and replace it with S/HE in it’s stead.  Somehow we have to sew the severed head of the Language Serpent back onto its body to-gather her to; instead of always aiming ‘to-get-her’ out of sight and out of mind.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Lizzy Bluebell.

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“These patriarchs will LITTER-ALLY take the Planet apart to see how it works and then re-apply the discovered mechanisms reinvented with their OWN Codes;” You couldn’t be more correct because this is exactly what the military mind is trying to do – and it is nothing less than terrifying. But how to interrupt a pattern that has corrupted so many many people is the problem that I frankly cannot find an answer to – beyond saying that we must keep on speaking out, binding, and bonding together in our multiple diversitie as one great migrating flock of blackbirds… with a… Read more »