(Mago Almanac 2) Restoring 13 Month 28 Day Calendar by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

[This and the following sequels are from Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A), Years 1 and 2 (5, 6, 9, 10…), 5915-6 MAGO ERA, 2018-9 CE (Mago Books, 2017).]

We want to get back the 13th Friday. This almanac shows how that is possible. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang



The primary annual scheme of 28 days, 13 months, 7 days, 4 weeks, 1 day, 52 weeks, and 364 days works as self-circuiting spirals that comprise the whole system of inter-cosmic time centrifugally and centripetally. Time expands infinitely both inward (microcosmically) and outward (macrocosmically), while it proceeds simultaneously on all levels of the coiling NOW, just like space expands on the infinitely multi-layered realms that form the coiling HERE. And we expand on the infinitely multi-layered organisms that form the coiling WE.

The primary annual circle of 364 days is conjoined by one intercalary day added annually to make 365 days and another intercalary day added every four years  to make 366 days. Each cyclic scheme makes the whole system of the universe and work harmoniously according to the principle of Sonic Numerology.

The following serve as examples of cognitive self-circuiting spirals of the NOW time:

  • A 9,633 Myo-Gak-Bun-Si daily cycle (one day) spirals 365 times annually and 366 times every four years.[1]
  • A 7 day weekly cycle (one week) spirals 4 times monthly, 52 times annually.
  • A 28 day monthly cycle (one month) spirals 13 times annually.
  • A 13 month yearly cycle (one year, Little Calendar) spirals 2 times to make Medium Calendar (the 2 years unit) and 4 times to make Large Calendar (the 4 years unit).


All beings on earth are nurtured and synchronized by the following:


  • The Earth completes one rotation.
  • The Moon rotates about 13 degrees on her axis and revolves about 13 degrees around the Earth.
  • The menstrual cycle synchronous with the moon moves about 13 degrees in her inter-cosmic bodily motions.
  • The moon-menstruation cycle, counterclockwise about 13 degrees on average, guides us to tour one constellation of the 28 Constellations/Mansions in the sky.


  • The Earth makes 28 rotations.
  • The Earth moves about 13 degrees around the sun.
  • The Moon completes one rotation and one revolution.
  • Women completes one menstrual cycle.
  • The moon-menstruation cycle completes one voyage of the 28 Constellations in the sky.


  • The Earth completes one revolution.
  • The Moon completes 13 rotations and revolutions.
  • Women completes 13 menstrual cycles.
  • The moon-menstruation cycle completes 13 voyages of all of the 28 Constellations.

One may add one’s own stories that take place daily, weekly, and yearly.



Patriarchy appears to have successfully kept the topic of calendar and time at bay from the hand of intellectuals as well as feminists. We don’t know exactly how long his has been happening but it appears troublesome especially in modern times. The patriarchal calendar rolls forward with impunity ever while hiding its dictatorial authority from the scene. Being made invisible, it works everywhere. And as such, a patriarchal calendar presents/pretends itself a given by nature. How did it accomplish this? Patriarchal calendar-builders designed their calendars to supplant the gynocentric calendar or the Calendar, the 13 month and 28 day, with what they made, the 12 month and the irregular number of days in a month. They hijacked the gynocentric calendar to dethrone it. Transplanting her power in a patriarchal calendar, it feigned the mother. Patriarchal calendar-builders did not know that the Calendar is not something that men can fabricate. It is a given by Nature. Anything that is not in accordance with Nature is NOT given by Nature. Anyone who harms the Mother is not sent by the Mother and therefore is disqualified to represent the Mother’s throne. And patriarchal calendars are not in sync with nature’s cycles, as this almanac of the Magoist Calendar demonstrates. The Magoist Calendar that syncs with nature’s given calendar reveals the self-imposed fake authority of patriarchal calendars.

On a preliminary level, the revival of the Magoist Calendar is crucial in debunking the mistaken property of patriarchal calendars. Subsequently, it severs the linkage between patriarchal calendars and patriarchy itself with its infrastructures. We are confronting the patriarchal calendar, the master program designed to serve and prop up the system of patriarchy. We are given the opportunity to ponder the power of a system. Once created, a system of something perpetuates its own life through its interlocking sub-structures. It requires no cognitive maintenance for its operation. And the calendar embodies a systemic thinking. It is made to control the system and protect it. Without it, the system crumbles. While it appears too diffuse to be noticed, a calendar remains a vulnerable target, once its function is detected. A system can only be dismantled by a systemic effort in a systematic way. That is why we often find no one to be accountable for a systemic destruction. A patriarchal calendar is the ultimatum of patriarchal destruction. Created centuries or millennia ago, it appears no one but its users to be responsible for its malpractice. Its inventor has gone absent and blameless.

We can understand the Magoist Calendar via negativa by countering what a patriarchal calendar is. In the following, I refer to the Gregorian Calendar and the Sinocentric lunisolar calendar as a patriarchal calendar. A patriarchal calendar is/does:

  • Numerologically discordant with 12 months and an irregular number of days, 28, 29, 30, or 31.
  • Uurped regularity by adopting the 7 day week cycle.
  • Asynchronous with luni-gyno-solar system.
  • Decontextualized, incapable of accepting the inter-cosmic reality.
  • linear and myopic, a tunnel vision.
  • Lacks ability to perceive interconnection of all beings.

All of these characteristics are apt for the purpose of patriarchal controllers.

It is time that we feminist activists take the topic of calendar as a new locus of our day-to-day conscious interactions for both criticism and reconstruction. Feminists and pro-feminists, it appears, have brought attention to nearly all categories of patriarchy including the divine, religions, economics, politics, institutions, linguistics, cultural practices, literature and art, ideologies, philosophies, historiographies and mythographies but have neglected a critique of the calendar. While the patriarchal calendar orchestrates the infrastructures of patriarchy, it has been hardly held accountable. In my view, debunking a patriarchal calendar for what it does is the key to disempowering patriarchy as a whole. As it represents no one to be held accountable, a patriarchal calendar needs no one to disable it because it will wither by itself upon being brought up under the light of the Magoist Calendar. The Magoist calendric task, old in history, is what Magoism contributes to the world in our time, as it has been doing all the time.

Once for all, the Magoist Calendar rebuilds the consciousness of WE in S/HE in which all beings are found cognate. It is the sacred text of the Creatrix, the very emblem that reveals the way of humans and humans cultures. It holds the vision of the heaven and nirvana that even patriarchal religions propagate, WE/HERE/NOW. Through the Magoist Calendar, we experience the Reality of the Creatrix, WE/HERE/NOW.

To be continued.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.


[1] 9,633 Myo-Gak-Bun-Si is a collective time unit equivalent to one day.




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“And patriarchal calendars are not in sync with nature’s cycles, as this almanac of the Magoist Calendar demonstrates.” I could have chosen at least a dozen points you made in this most excellent essay that so clearly expose how Patriarchy works behind the scenes to undermine natural cycles, women, a broken system – I could go on and on here Helen. All I can say, is thanks goodness we have a scholar like you to dismantle yet another fundamental aspect of this insanely destructive system. I am sad to say that before I began reading about the Mago calendar I… Read more »

I am going to print out this article for others to read and to have a copy for myself.


I am going to print out this article for others to read and to have a copy for myself. Thank you.


Wonderful that you’ve uncovered this ancient knowledge and brought it forth as an application for modern times! I know how deeply and carefully you investigate at all levels of your being as you gain insight and write. These insights contribute to your own growth and that of us all around the world. Thank you!