(Art) Sekhmet by Jassy Watson

Sehkmet © Jassy Watson

Sekhmet is one of the oldest known female Egyptian goddesses. Her name derives from the Egyptian word for ‘power’ or ‘night’, “Sekhem,” thus her name can be translated as “She who is Powerful.”

She is usually depicted with a Lion head and often holds the ankh. Her main cult centre was in Memphis where she was worshipped as ‘the destroyer’ as well as “the creator” alongside her consort and creator god, Ptah.

Her origins may go further back than ancient Egypt however, with some scholars arguing that her roots lie in Sudan in Africa, a place where lions are plentiful.

In this image,

She emerges from the searing sun as a courageous hearted woman.

She who roars and bears all

She who protects and nurtures

She who breaks free of the shackles

and demands to be seen for who she really is,



See (Meet Mago Contributor Jassy Watson).

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