(Art) Black Madonna of Czestochowa by Lydia Ruyle

BM5_Black Madonna of Czestochowa_98
Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland is the most well known Black Madonna in the world. She is Matri Polski, Queen of Poland, and the symbol for change and freedom. She saved the Poles from the Swedes and wears her battle scars on her cheek. The Madonna is a painting on wood which is covered by a screen of precious metals and jewels that is ritually changed during the year. Her image is displayed for mass, then hidden behind a curtain. The walls of her chapel are covered with offerings or milagros asking and thanking Her for miracles and healing.
Painting with gold & jewels, Czestochowa, 
Jasna Gorna, Poland


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The Black Madonna has long held a fascination for me so I enjoyed this brief article immensely. I recently discovered a Black Madonna in Abiquiu New Mexico, the first truly Black Madonna that I have seen in the states.