(Video) Relaxing into Alignment by Marie de Kock

Marie de Kock

Author’s Note: “Relaxing into Alignment” is the first of a sequel under the banner of “Heal your Feminine Essence”. The first video is about coming into alignment with our feminine essence in the vortex of our wombs. These are combinations of feel-good-movements based on my own dreaming-body work, Chi Kung and tensegrity exercises. Please understand it is about relaxing, not perfect execution; it is about tender loving care for your body and soul. Enjoy the practice first thing in the morning and last thing before bed!


In the beginning you can follow the video, but later you can select the movements that you like and practice those for as long as you wish (they work real well in multiples of 3, for example 9 or 18 or 27). But you don’t HAVE TO count them. Love Your Self Unconditionally.

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